Ixone Sádaba

Picture: Sue Ponce.

Ixone Sádaba questions the meaning of images and what photography can do now that it has lost its status as an instrument to document reality. Her artistic practice is inspired by Foucault’s thesis about truth as a historical construct and by the distinction between objects and things that Heidegger proposed, which states that an object turns into a thing when it can no longer be used for the purpose it is customarily given.

Masa informada #1- #9 is part of the project Masa informada – Masa deformada – Masa conformada. This work is based on photographs taken by the artist or cut out from newspapers showing violent events that have transpired in recent years whose images have been reproduced repeatedly in the media (‘masa informada’). Sádaba shreds the images and uses them to make a shapeless paper pulp (‘masa deformada’) in which the content is still present, even if it is not recognisable, thus maintaining the essence of what it was but keeping it from being visually consumed. When framed, the images become something else and gain meaning as a new object (‘masa conformada’).

Sádaba thus fosters new imaginaries as the images and ‘their truth’ disappear.