Eva Fabregas

Fotografía: Sue Ponce.

Eva Fàbregas envisions interaction with art through sensorial experience. Her sculptures, made of soft, ethereal materials like fabric and air, often include sound and beckon us to draw closer through the senses, to discover them through touch, generating an intimacy in which affect can flow.

The forms in the Growths series evoke living organisms—plants, animals or even human organs which expand into space, sometimes threateningly—incorporating a new perception of the architecture into the experience of the artwork.

The artist addresses the eroticism of consumer objects, the culture of wellbeing and relaxation, psychodrama and the marketing industry in her work, as well as therapeutic subcultures in the social media.

In Growths, Fàbregas encourages us to reflect on opposing concepts like fragility and strength, growth and decline, sensuality and monstrosity…