Emily Jacir

Photograph: Sue Ponce


Linz Diary, by the artist Emily Jacir, is a series of colour photographs taken in 2003 to capture the artist’s action which consisted of walking around a fountain in Linz Square, in Austria. The artist repeated this action every day at 6 pm for 26 days. After her walk, Jacir emailed herself a photograph of the action taken with the web camera from her window, along with a comment resembling a diary entry. Each of these images harbours its own story, like the one that mentions the Austrian artist Valie Export, in many ways a pioneer of feminist art in the 1970s.

Emily Jacir uses film, photography, social interventions, installation, performance, writing and sound to investigate the movement, exchange, transformation and resistance of silenced historical narrations. Through her work, the artist reflects on inequalities and contradictions in the global world, like violence, exile and migration. In 2007, she was awarded the Golden Lion at the Venice Biennale for Material for a Film, a piece verging on expanded documentary made from different materials like photographs, protections, sound archives, documents and books.