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26 - MAR - SEP 2015




Punk is one of the most influential cultural expressions of the XXth century and Punk’s influence on art takes several directions. On his famous essay “Lipstick Traces” Greil Marcus pointed out that Punk was deeply rooted in Dadaist and Situationist critical and transgressor attitudes. Also, many artists like Martin Kippenberger, Genesis P’Orridge or Paul McCarthy participated in Punk’s blooming between the late 70’s and the early 80’s. Moreover, many other artists were witnesses and Punk’s attitudes left a deep mark on them.

This exhibition aims at revealing the traces left by Punk in the work of many contemporary artists. These traces are sometimes formal (use of punk music or punk graphic and iconic references by artists like Sarah Lucas or Aïda Ruilova), but they can also be emotional (a manifestation of a debt to Punk’s influence like in Pepo Salazar’s works). Other traces underline the relevance of Punk’s attitudes and ideas. Nihilism, denial, transgression, sexuality and trans-sexuality, gender and transgender, even do-it-yourself are attitudes that not only we can find in artists ranging from Joan Morey to Gelitin, Brice Dellsperger and Jordi Colomer, but that also make up a way to understand cultural practice, art and life challenges deeply rooted in Punk.


Some of the Spanish artists are Aïda Ruilova, Joan Morey, Jonathan Messe, Jordi Colomer and Pepo Salazar


An exhibition catalogue will be published


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