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Times: two 2-hour sessions to be agreed with the school

Through the camera lens the spaces we see at school every day become different places which we can visit without moving from the classroom, by simply projecting them on the screen.

The trees in front of my window in autumn; a derelict church on a cloudy day with a field of shamrocks; a park in London; the fence in Ceuta; the desert in Almería; restrooms in a shopping mall after a movie.

In this workshop we will also create other lists, like the places we have not been to, places we have not visited either because of time, or limited access or because our bodies have to keep walking down the same corridors in the same directions every day.

What would it be like to change the direction of our steps, to enter those places and to transform them into a film set? We will prepare an audiovisual project to create new situations for our bodies in school with a narrative that will move and excite us by imagining new scenes for these places.

This is a two-session workshop to be held at schools in which we alternate making with looking at what we have made, and in this way we will be able to think about the images we have made by putting into practice the resources of audiovisual language.

What could be happening in these places while we are at school?

Final cycle of secondary school

Maximum number of students: 30

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