CA2M Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo


Someone has said that from the roof of CA2M you can draw an imaginary line connecting it, in the distance, with one of the antenna on the roof of the Pablo Neruda vocational training school. This line is a meandering curve that comes and goes, loses its way and slows down, taking years to get from one end to the other. A line we have been trying to draw gradually with different activities, workshops and artists.

Last year, we invited the Terrorismo de autor filmmakers group to make a film together with the students in which one of the plots of the script had to do with the idea of the end of the world. We saw that the possibilities of the fictional story were endless. This year we want to return to the idea and to transform reality, creating alternative narratives which are also curved, slow and mistaken. Paths that stray from the normal.

This quarter we will continue visiting the Pablo Neruda vocational training school to do things together with them. And we will take Chico-Trópico with us. With them we will make sounds with the bars of the windows and the railings dividing us, to make ourselves heard. We’ll turn the electricity, hairdressing and carpentry workshops into recording studios, where we will create our own songs to the rhythm of sparks, hairdryers and hammers. Little by little, our voices will get louder and louder in that lab, where we will bring the school year to an end with the volume at full blast.

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