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With this new Picnics edition, we will celebrate again the lightness as a virtue: it seems as the invited artists have released unnecessary ballast, showing us that what it is important is an immediate access, without no superfluous mediations, to share with all of us which seemed to be impossible in other spaces or contexts: with easy to carry works, running away from artifice, where details are lighted and spontaneous things are caressed: the pleasure to do whatever you do, sensibility, sensory and perception, laying bare the creative up-and-downs and crannies. Looking forward to make you actively participate. We want to join you while eating, dancing, singing, imagining, thinking, building… Light but down to earth, and don´t missing a single moment of these paradises that we want to create from everyday life.


José Luis Villalobos & Juan Domínguez


2013 PICNIC SESSIONS programming:






Keep in mind to visit the restrooms


Video resumen Picnic Sessions 2013


thu 23 MAY 21:00 H.


In 1977 Gary Wilson famously released a uniquely bizarre and personal album titled You Think You Really Know Me…, full of electro-funk, proto-new wave, noise collage, and avant-garde jazz. Despite the fact that the album’s fans included Beck, Questlove from The Roots, Simpsons creator Matt Groening, and Stones Throws’ Peanut Butter Wolf, widespread fame and notoriety eluded Gary Wison until the 2002 re-release of his debut album. Soon after the Gary Wilson virus rapidly spread the remarkable artist for his idiosyncrasies and American indie DIY aesthetic as his edgy and creative music. We are ready for the impossible!


Cine en directo: GUY SHERWIN & LYNN LOO
Guy Sherwin has been one of the most important British experimental filmmakers, thanks to his capacity of expanding the notion of film with his performances using a 16mm projector. His Madrid visit is accompanied by the filmmaker Lynn Loo, who will present the performance End Rolls. Guy Sherwin will present three other pieces: Cycles #3, a light poem, rhythm and live creative sound; Musical Stairs, where the sound comes from the graphic images produced in the stairs, in a synesthetic experience, to end up with Man with a Mirror.


thu 30 MAY 21:00 H.


Performance: LOS TORREZNOS
EL CIELO- THE SKYThis performance raises the possibility of shortening the distance between imaginary, fancy and concrete facts: the insignificance of the human being in relation to the cosmos is a source of cultural production. Our distance with planets is as important as the distance between reality and the fiction we create. The contemporary scene is becoming quite rhetoric talking about the problems that it generates. In the sky we usually look for some hope.


LOS TORREZNOS (J.Vallaure and R. Lamata) enjoy their live performances, accessible to anyone, showing the daily contradictions we live.


143 Delicias Festival already took part of the 2009 Picnic Sessions edition. An Independent ans essential International Video Festival that for 10 years has screened fresh and hot videos, deep as well as superfluous that all together are entertaining, or at least, trying to be.


Call: to participate send a maximum of three Digital 5-minut-long videos at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., stating: Name, telephone, email, title and runtime (Do not send CV, bio or synopsis...) The public will vote the winning film.


Deadline 20 May for the reception of videos.


6 jun 21:00 h.




From the back of the room, defeating the withered light, the dancing lady approaching with a cuplé style ready to scratch the stage.


In the midst of a sweating… a marvelous blue and opened sky in Madriz and the ultralady, colorful ski mask holding a marker going up to the penthouse looking over the scene.


1. What/Who/Where. This (or not) is ( and was and will be) LadyfestMadridz2013.


2. (and middle act): DIY La Pancarta


3. Sef. "a good man is hard to find".  A Christian Fernández Mirón concert, cultural agent and Madrid educator.
Sef explores pop music mixing a ukulele, piano and guitar. Sef will present in Ladyfest its project A good man is hard to find, a version concert of woman voices that really influenced the artist: Bessie Smith, Ani Difranco, Tori Amos, Vainica doble, Björk... Why a good man cannot be considered feminist? A romantic ideal shared with Sef through the voices that will spin the repertoire. Songs of struggles, of love or of militancy. On a journey of influences, of experimental ballads to the beat of mainstream music, Sef will narrate between interludes and songs his personal relationship with feminism and music.



4. From the Back of the Room Projection: Many of us thinks that the Riot Grrrl movement from mid 90´started the end of the specific female contribution in the DIY punk, something utterly false. This screening will show how race, class, sexuality, motherhood and activism take part of the DIY community, and how this affects members´ daily life.

5.(whatever comes its way) the knowhow of the feminist party.



thu 13 JUN 21:00 H.



Concept and direction: Cuqui Jerez
An original piece in collaboration with Cristina Blanco performed by Cristina Blanco.
Current version by: Ismeni Espejel
Starring: Ismeni Espejel and Cuqui Jerez
Illumination: Gilles Gentner
Supported by Tanzquartier, Viena and Espacios Cómodos’09 de La Porta, Barcelona.


While I am thinking how to begin this text Amy is singing in the radio
While I am thinking how to begin this text he is talking on Skype
While I am thinking how to begin this text someone is walking down the stairs
While I am thinking how to begin this text the door opens
While I am thinking how to begin this text I am trying different fonts
While I am thinking how to begin this text she is putting some lipstick
While I am thinking how to begin this text she is putting some lipstick twice
While I am thinking how to begin this text you are reading it
While I am thinking how to begin this text I am thinking how to begin this text
While I am thinking how to begin this text I drop the pen
While I am thinking how to begin this text I’m having a decaf coffee

Cuqui Jerez is dancer and performer since 1990 when she started working for several projects and for diverse choreographers, and after having scened some of her own short productions; she started to develop her own work in 1999. She created the following pieces: Hiding Inches (1999), A space odyssey (2002) (2001), The Real Fiction (2005), The Rehearsal (2008), The Croquis Reloaded (2009), The Nowness Mystery (2011) y Crocodiles and Alligators (2012).



Performance: NILO GALLEGO
In collaboration with Alex Reynolds


“When asked an essay for this newsletter, at the end of March, Alex and I were actually starting this performance. She asked me to tell a joke changing the names for object names. I told her to pass through the room as if it were full of smoke”


Nilo Gallego is musician and performer. His works always carry a ludic component looking for public engagement and interaction with the surrounding and daily life.


Performance: ALEX REYNOLDS
In collaboration with Nilo Gallego


“When asked an essay for this newsletter, at the end of March, Nilo and I were actually starting to work together. He asked me to pass through the room as if it were full of smoke. I asked him tell a joke changing the names for object names”


In the last few years, Alex Reynolds has developed temporal-based projects where tackeling the experiential aspect of the work and how the viewer is positioned in relation to different narrative formats. CA2M already had the opportunity to view some of his works in Telling Everything not knowing How.


“You get out of school exhausted, Narciso, you are falling apart; no need to carry that bookshelves; even your wrist is blocked, your cultural school have saturated you; you don´t stop sweating; you seem worried; you are not sweating for the dancing, you head is wet; you don´t know whether to move or to write the piece (it´s missing the chorus or something…) mum, I just wanted to be a Dancer, with my sweatpants, my yoghurt and my Tangerine; (…) give it, give it, give it, give it, give it, give it, give it; vibrates, vibrates, vibrates, vibrates, vibrates, vibrates, vibrates, vibrates; give it, give it, give it, give it, give it, give it, give it; empty, empty, empty, empty, empty, empty, empty; sweat, sweat, sweat, sweat, sweat, sweat, sweat, sweat."


Javier Vaquero has worked with a number of scene artists as Nicole Beutler, Ann Van der Broek o Hofesh Shechter. Today, he is developing his own work, with project as Declaring love or Primitive dancings. Vaquero is associated artist to La Poderosa.


thu 20 JUN 21:00 H.


In Es cena, Pepe takes the kitchen as well as the cook role to prepare something with already prepared food or with the leftovers in a given space/time. Pepe started to cook leftovers for many kitchens as a living to survive the current crisis, not as singular concept starting with a capital C, but as a map of diverse dinners, or crisis with capital C. For this dinner, Pepe suggests to bring or pinch a “leftover” or leftovers from the closest kitchen to bring with. When arriving to CA2M terrace, look for Pepe and give it to him. Then we all have dinner together.



With this performance, Alma Söderberg sings while talking, talks while dancing and dances while singing. Cosas addresses the physical aspects of languages, denudes the words from their meaning and reduces sentences to their minimum essence. In a torrent of song, the verb rates gestures, while sounds and movements becomes one.

Alma is dancer and choreographer.



Kurdian’s performance, 1999, is composed of 48 episodes of the British sci-fi television series Space 1999 (and its settings) attempting to draw their imaginary, kinesthetic and political dynamics in order to use them as a - or several -- scores in self-producing musical performance. On a specific level, it is a cut-up of simple actions (walking, talking, running) short dancings (mambo or tango) and love songs.

Gérald Kurdian performer, songwriter and radio artist .


thu 27 jun 2013 18:30 h.




4º micro festival: AUTOPLACER

Autoplacer micro-festival started four years ago as a party as a plataform to enjoy self-edited, demo or self-produced disk bands. It is a proposal that have taken shape through the many Picnic Sessions to become an unmissable event from the “summery” independent scene with projects paramounting self-edition and free-distribution, with plenty of fun and excitement.

This time, Autoplacer Micro-Festival counts with concerts by Linda Mirada, Grosgoroth, BFlecha y Siesta! together with year Autoplacer winner of the musical project contest. Autoplacer comes with audiovisual, editorial, cooking, photographic projects, etc. which will round the programming.

Autoplacer / Sindicalistas -

Participing Artists:
Linda Mirada
Grosman y compadresss
+ Winner of Autoplacer demo micro-contest 2013




Arkestra is the centerpiece of the collective, loaded with solider songs than the rocks from the home town coast of Vigo, Belén Vidal –best known by BFlecha- follows her own beats, slow but safe, is asserted herself as one of the best synthetic pop hymn writer of Spain. Alloys from the Golden ages of the Spanish pop, R&B, contemporary electronic and classic house music in a definitive search of the pop music from the XXI century.






Siesta! is a Valencian band by Jonathan Cremades and Pepe Ábalos, as they say: two guys with plenty of instruments, and too much pretenses. They play punk, electronic, psychedelia, rock and all mixed together. Siesta! Music is based on loops recorded a live, which plunges into the hypnotic and repetitive world of two suffocated gorillas playing drums in a eternal ritual where material gobbles up and the soul is spread.




Linda Mirada

Travelling across time.  Travelling to provincial cities, to crowed beaches and empty beaches of horizons of orange and purple shades, to expensive and cheap restaurants, between crazed fans ready for anything and capricious lovers, naïve and childlike lovers. Her album “Con mi Tiempo y el Progreso” has a great deal of confession and parody; full of nods, of references to other songs, to other trips: album about dreams and realities, about fame, sex, love and, uff, death.




Grosman and Compadresss

Due to life circumstances, Grosman (formerly known by Grosgoroth and member of Grabba Grabba Tape) moved to Tenerife and there he met two funny guys. His Compadresss –buddies- play instruments as Casios, synthesizers, distortion pedals, devices made of old computer chips and guitars … noisism Pop, sometime tropical, when playing with a Gameboy, two Furbies and other home-modified toys.


Miguelito Nubesnegras



Sindicalistas (Dj Set)

Autoplacer/Sindicalistas is a Madrid collective focused on promotioning of new music bands and diffusion of independent methods of production, as free distribution, self-edition or DIY. DJing is its music detonation strategy composed by dipped hits from today´s demo scene, with plenty of humor and metaphysical insolvency, so… go prone!



San Luis (Ágapes y Viandas)

Through creativity, San Luis – agape and food- starring by María F. Espada, elaborate a fun and cared snack.



La Integral (Discos, zines, etc.)

Since eight years ago, La integral is concerned about grouping together in a same space the work of numerous artists and designers, with view on promoting their work and other products difficult to find market. For La Integral, participating in Autoplacer Micro-Festival means being able to transfer to other sites at least for a few hours their most independent gender of production, as are books, fanzines, magazines or t-shirts; and, of course, having fun.



Paraíso Madrid (Clubbing)

Paraíso Madrid acts independently within the scope of dancing music through spreads and invasions, polluting with light enjoyment and diffusion.





Playtime Audiovisuales

The travelling film show Playtime started in 2007 with the idea of creating a space to screen the work of new filmmakers, giving space to different languages and formats far from commercial aims. Over these years, La Muestra has been fully self-managed in collaboration with participant authors in the two sites that became head office of the show: Off Limits in Madrid and NIU Barcelona. To commemorate its 5th anniversary, a fondly designed 300 DVD self-edited burned copies, tracking 12 works which gives a wide vision of styles, formats and genders, already screened between 2007 and 2012.





Freakshow is a reporting collective about exhibitions in galleries, bars and stores from the Malasaña neighborhood from Madrid, promoting the work from emerging artists. A cocktail of art, beer, communication, ideas, motivation and local creativity: This is in short what this project does: creating and informing about leisure and cultural activities. As much as in the 20´s the circus exhibited people with physical peculiarities, Freakshow introduce people with a singular artistic talent.




Nat M. Waterman

The designer Nat M. Waterman has created from numerous pieces that carefully mix compositions, typography and vector illustration the 2013 Autoplacer image. Her work, linked to some electronic music sessions most interesting from the Madrid scene, is the perfect reflection of a hedonist lively spirit of this year Autoplacer Micro-Festival.


A also:

Autoplacer Micro-Proiections  2013

Film Travelling show  Playtime. Las films des femmes. Curated by Playtime Audiovisuales
Immersiò (Inmersión), Neus Ballús
Vrtti, Ana Cembrero
El recolector de recuerdos, María Zafra

Footnotes to a house of love, Laida Lertxundi
Ella está un punto, Dostopos
Corte Moderno
, Miguel Rojas
Paradise, Marçal Forés
Audiovisual piece selection by the collective Freakshow


thu 4 JUL 21:00 H.






What is it hidden behind the food served on a plate? What landscape does it shape? Which culture does it represent? What is its morphology? Who produce it? What are the tools applied?... The language to answer these questions are still to be invented


Montserrat Bonvehi Rosich investigates architecture and cooking at I.S.U, carrying out occasional collaborations at Mugaritz Restaurant, with which she published a map on the book Food: An Atlas.



Musicalized Reading: UNAI REQUEJO

Presentation of the book Tropario de Albuñán, unpublished book from the XII century which contains, among other materials: 39 tropes or profane songs tailored for special occasion or parties. It is an interesting manuscript, written by a group of scholars from Northern Sierra Nevada.

Unai Requejo is plastic artist and musician. When buying by chance Tropario in a flea market in Austria, She committed herself to study it and to bring the sonority back to the sheet music.



Concierto: NIAGARA

After the evocative nickname of Niagara, the Turin band formed by David Tomas and Gabriele Ottino presents their debut project, the surprisingly Otto (Monotreme, 2013), brimming with melodic talent and a freshness off the beaten: a cocktail shaker filled with good taste and know-how, with space for pop, electronic or psychedelic music.

thu 11 JUL 21:00 H.



Concert: SINKANE

Mars is Sinkane´s latest album released by James Murphy's DFA Records, a polyrhythmic groove puzzle with African roots, pointing that all-together that has become XXI-century music. Linked by Gallab, the Sudan-born musician who migrated to USA when a child, its music answers New-York -living  questions. Opened to the world, but anchored on the Big Apple, looking for an identity nourishing from tropicalness, with touches of Afrobeats, Soul from the great master as Marvin Gaye or Curtis Mayfiel or of psycodelic pop from Caribou. Sinkane live show promises to become a memorable end of the party.



Brooklyn band,  Light Asylum, propelled by the imposing presence and bellowing howl of Shannon Funchess, and the strict and melodic EBM synths of Bruno Coviello, Light Asylum are an undeniable force. Their 2010 self-released ‘In Tension’ EP with singles “Dark Allies” and “Skull Fuct” and awesome accompanying videos, blew everyone out of the water, garnering supporters such as LCD Soundsystem and TV of The Radio. In 2012 Mexican Summer released their self-titled debut full-length and the band have been spreading their viral cold-wave anthems around the world ever since.