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Making clever electronic components that produce music
SAT 13 MAR 2010
In this workshop, Olaf will show us how to make small electronic components capable of producing music, called Doo-Rags, from a variety of recycled objects, such as discount-store electronic games, cans, hair dryers, plastic objects, and the like. The result is a series of pop instruments that make unusual cybernetic sounds.

Basically, a Doo-Rag is made by manipulating and transforming the electronic sound circuit in toys. Discarded parts from different artefacts, toys and appliances found in rubbish bins and flea markets – ordinary objects such as telephones, sound keyrings, tins of sardines, galactic guns, cheap toys, etc. – are dismantled, modified, redesigned and reconstructed to give them a new life. The idea is to modify the sound of these simple appliances or provide invented objects with their own music.

Noise recycling at the service of music: “circuitbending”.

Targeted at young people between the ages of 15 and 18

Enrol free up to 5 March

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Activity organized in collaboration with Dirección General de Juventud