CA2M Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo


Every Thursday, from May to July, our terrace becomes the stage of activities which combine body and sound stimulation with education and participation.



The Latin civilization had already got it right: they referred to the actions of inventing and founding with the same verb. With in-venire they expressed imagination and gatherings at once, as if ideas only made sense when put together. This year, the Picnic Sessions play with etymology. In fact, the starting point is game, mutation and wit, which are present in all the Picnic Sessions, but this year we introduce a new goal: inventing gatherings.



On our sky terrace, we will dispose a Pandora’s Box revealing sumptuous channels of communication. Our search for new formats, i.e. news gatherings, will reach its ultimate purpose by sharing ideas reflecting our interest in live practices. We invite you to enjoy the endless combinations offered by this jigsaw puzzle: while doing it and undoing it, you may imagine what is unconceivable using your body and senses. One more spring, the Picnic Sessions are back as a research raising the basic issues of today’s creation.
















Summery video from the 2011 Picnic Sessions


El águila ediciones / Felix Kubin

thu 19 MAY

Vídeo of the session





This brief play is conceived like animated poetry. Reading has a leading role in these scenes in which this process is investigated by performances and visual experiments. The audience may react irresolutely by playing the part of an expert in absorption, a kinetic reader or a literary wanderer.


Felix Kubin

Felix Kubin is a composer, a radio, theatre and cinema playwright, a curator and an artist whose work is situated between Pop and Avant-Garde. He began working with electronic pop music at the age of 12. In the 1990s, he turned to electroacoustic noise music and artistic political interventions with the Dada-communist party KED, in an effort to promote a deep change in German society. In 1998 he founded his own label Gagarin Records, the perfect medium for his futuristic pop. On the occasion of the Picnic Session, he will indulge us with the performance of former works as well as extracts of his new album, Plat de Résistance.


Daniel Silvo / Venga Monjas

thu 26 MAY


Video from the session


Daniel Silvo

Performance: DANIEL SILVO

Upon arriving to the New World, Europeans discovered new animals and plant species. They drew these unfamiliar monsters for scientific and didactic purposes. In this Picnic Session, children and adults can dress up as toucans, jaguars, armadillos, titi monkeys, etc. and tell us about the experience of coming upon face-to-face with the Europeans. These stories, half fact, half fiction will be completed by the display of the newcomers’ drawings. This event is based on the research of Joserra Marcaida whose PhD Thesis focuses on these valuable zoological representations.


Daniel Silvo is an artist. In his works, he makes many references to classical literature and mythology as well as medieval science and philosophy of the 16th and 17th centuries.

Do not hesitate to design your armadillo, toucan or jaguar outfit, or a costume based on any other animal from America that you like the most, and come to the most tropical party of this spring! We invite you to participate to this 16th century zoology party..

The children of primary school C. P. Beato Simón de Rojas of Mostoles have already prepared their outfits and stories.

More information:



Venga Monjas


Humor on the screen: VENGA MONJAS

Venga Monjas is formed by Esteban Navarro and Xavi Daura, two ordinary guys from 19th century industrial Barcelona. Because of a technical failure they time travelled until today so their videos are filled with an absurd and surrealistic humor.

In this Picnic Session, they will go through American classic TV series and show us images of Magnum P.I., Columbo, Hawaii 5.0 or Miami Vice and present homemade videos related to each series.




Barriobajero / Ducalcore

thu 2 jun

Video from the session





Oggetto Soggeto is a series that gathers artists and objects: A random range of representations of possible blog posts on paper.

The Spanish term Barriobajero is mostly intended as something common, gross and coarse. But to Silvia Bianchi and Ricardo Juárez its meaning is somewhat entertaining and touching. What began as a collection of found images is today a creative duo working on projects which reflect forgotten aesthetics rescued by their web feeds.

Dualcore de Terminalbeach


Audiovisual performance: TERMINALBEACH
The name of the performance means that what we see and hear comes from the heartbeats of these two unique performers. DUALCORE stages an artistic construction of mutual dependence of the artists’ bodies. A dynamic system is established through which they become aware of the pulse of everybody else. Both sound and images are generated by a computer since they forsake recorded material from the “real” world.


TERMINALBEACH is a collaboration between PURE (Vienna/Berlin) and BERGER (Helsinki) that started in 2002. TERMINALBEACH focuses on the construction of audiovisual identities.





Vídeo from the session



Recycled Performance Festival: REFORMANCE
Reformance is a festival that proposes the reinterpretation of emblematic works in art history or in our memory. These performances and actions will offer a tangible experience to the audience and to the artists. The pieces to be presented will be selected by an open call. The call is open to any person interested in performing a reinterpretation of an existing work (no matter what the original form of the work was).


Reformance is a project by Miranda & Mirón (Claudia Claremi and Christian Fernández Mirón).



Performances will take place all day long both in Mostoles and at the CA2M. The main programme of performances will start at 19:30H. Further information:


10:00 — 20:00 approx. Josh Cleminson reinterpretes 1,000,000 Pennies, by Gerald Ferguson (1979). Gerald Ferguson made a pile of coins, one million pennies, on the floor of a museum to question the value of art and money. Josh Cleminson will come from Ontario to spread €0.01 coins around the streets of Mostoles, as if it were a standard workday.


11:00 — end (all day). Sven Goyvaerts reinterpretes Following Piece by Vito Acconci (1969). Vito Acconci followed persons randomly chosen on the street, until a barrier of privacy separated them. Sven Goyvaerts will update the piece by using network technologies (Everytrail and Facebook) so we may witness his "chase" in real time.

12:30 — 13:30 approx. Super Nase & Co. reinterpretes Aus der Mappe der Hundigkeit, by VALIE EXPORT (1968). VALIE EXPORT walked her partner as a dog on a leash through the streets of Vienna. Super Nase & Co will repeat the action inverting male-female roles — the woman will get on all fours and the man will be on the other side of the leash.


19:30 — end. AZ reinterpretes Bag Exchange, by Larry Miller (1969). Larry Miller wrote fluxus instructions to perfom a random bag exchange. A package exchange point will be enabled at the CA2M to allow this concept to come true. Bring your own package!


20:00 — 21:15. Elana Katz reinterpretes Imponderabilia by Marina Abramović (1977). Marina Abramović and Ulay stood, naked and imperturbable, on both sides of a doorway, forcing whoever wanted to get in to enter sideways, rubbing against their bodies and having to decide which of them to face. Elana Katz, one of the performers who reinterpreted this very piece during the three-month retrospective show on the Serbian artist at MoMA last year, will come from New York to offer us a solo reinterpretation arising from her personal experience and relationship with the audience.


20:45 — 21:15 approx. Margaret Honda reinterpretes Work (Bell), by Atsuko Tanaka (1955). Atsuko Tanaka installed electric alarm bells wired together so that the sound travelled from and back to the viewer, who activated the switch. Margaret Honda send us detailed instructions from Los Angeles to reinterprete the piece with twenty volunteers. We're still looking for them! If you want to participate in this group piece with a simple and amusing performance, send us an email indicating "Reformance: Margaret Honda" to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will tell you what to do.


21:15 — 21:45 approx. Consol Llupià works with the concept of White Cube, coming from several authors and works. The "white cube" has become a prevailing space to exhibit artworks in museums and galleries. Consol Llupià proposes a performance in which she, as an emerging artist, exposes her resistence to this idea with an entertaining aerobic endurance test. Everybody can take part in it and put his resistance to the test.

21:45 — 22:15 approx. Mikel R Nieto reinterpretes I am sitting in a room by Alvin Lucier (1969). Alvin Lucier recorded his voice on a magnetic tape and played it, newly recording it and going over this process repeatedly until the words became uncomprehensible. Mikel R. Nieto will reinterprete the piece but there will no text and the microphones will be hidrophones to boost the low frequencies hidden in the room: a breathtaking listening exercise.


22:15 approx. Ana Pasadera reinterpretes Rape Scene by Ana Mendieta (1973). Ana Mendieta invited a few friends over for dinner after finding out about a terrible crime. Upon arriving, the guests found the door open, deafening music and the artist lying face-down, half-naked, tied to a table and covered in blood. Ana Pasadena and Fernando Gutiérrez del Arroyo, just like she did with her intervention, will reflect on a story of violence and pain impossible to explain for whom did not directly experienced it.


Shangaan Electro

thu 16 JUN

Vídeo of the session


Tshetsha Boys by Chris Saunders

Live concert: SHANGAAN ELECTRO with Nozinja, Tshetsha Boys and more...

Shangaan Electro is the street level dance phenomenon from South Africa that went global on the back of a series of viral YouTube clips and an acclaimed compilation on Honest Jon's that introduced the movers and shakers in this fast emerging micro-genre. This new style replaces Shangaan music's traditional instrumentation with midi-keyboard sounds, re-pitched vocal samples and jacking four to the floor beats, then amps things up to breakneck speeds of over 180BPM. This is hyper-kinetic digital dance music custom made for weekly dance offs in Soweto. This summer Shangaan Electro is hitting Europe for the first time ever. Based on a Soweto street party, the live show will feature the stars of the Honest Jon's compilation - producer and vocalist Nozinja, the clown-masked Tshetsha Boys, alongside the fastest Shangaan dancers around.




“As a proud Chicagoan, I'll be excited to share music from the likes of DJ Rashad and RP Boo, as well as many lesser-known juke friends. Expect to hear a bit of sound collage and voices from extinct radio shows, including Detroit's Electrifying Mojo. There will be exclusive cuts of various urban indigenous musics from Africa like new Bubu and plenty of Shangaan tracks that have never seen the light of day. I will play selections from my own personal field recordings of traditional music in Peru and Western and Southern Africa, a bit from the Smithsonian Folkways catalog where I worked, and a few songs from Esau Mwamwaya, with whom I traveled in Malawi. I plan to be in South Africa before the performance in Spain -- expect Pretoria house and occasional Kwaito tangents. We're also headed to Lisbon with Shangaan Electro, so I'll look forward to that trip with new Kuduro by young geniuses like DJ Normal Nada.”




Nozinja 'Nwa Gezani'



Tshetsha Boys 'Nwa Pfundla'




Nozinja 'Nwa Gezani'

Tshetsha Boys 'Nwa Pfundla'



Tiyiselani Vomaseve 'Vanghoma'





Vídeo of the session





Party on self-edition: AUTOPLACER [SELF-PLEASURE]

 Sindicalistas introduces entertainment on a small scale the same way you could experience it on a big summer festival with everything that surrounds this kind of events. The Irish No Monster Club, Juanita y los Feos and Dolores from Madrid as well as the winner of the contest organized by the collective will play in this small festival. The festival will also include different kinds of classic festival details: a campsite, activities in collaboration with other artists and collectives, a small dance tent, a mini fashion show, a few merchandise stands and many more tiny surprises.


AUTOPLACER SINDICALISTAS is a collective from Madrid which promotes emerging groups and independent production such as DIY, self-release and self-edition. Besides their activity as DJs in different clubs, they have collaborated with the CA2M, CSA La Tabacalera, JustMadrid and Sala de Arte Joven de la Comunidad de Madrid with installations and music interventions.





No Monster Club

Juanita y Los Feos


Lorena Álvarez y su Banda Municipal

Sindicalistas Dj Set


DANCE TENT - Guest mixtapes



MERCHANDISE STANDS - Animals' rights militancy, indie souvenirs, food, CDs and demos
Peludos - Arropando Amor Animal

La Integral

Gramaciones Grabofónicas


CAMPSITE AND ACTIVITIES - Live radio, recording studio, fashion show, photo shooting session, bar etc.

Silly Europeans Radio Show – Guest Medium

Foto Iglú – Photorgaphs by Jonay PMatos

Dr. Genkins and his suitcase-studio

Fiber del Sábado Noche – Mini-fashion catwalk




No Monster Club

No Monster Club (Ireland)
Initially a one-man symphony of tropical beats, surf-rock guitars and bubblegum pop melodies, Dublin's No Monster Club has since evolved and attracted worldwide attention as a thrash-pop trio, with albums being released by record labels including the UK's Cass/Flick, Holland's Rack and Ruin Records, Italy's Mia Cameretta, and Australia's Masses/Masses.

2011's 'Young Guts Champion' EP has received plaudits for sounding "like something made in a Caribbean hut amidst plentiful joints and coconuts" rather than the cold apocalyptic Ireland of its making. This summer, the legendarily chaotic and communal No Monster Club live experience will be taking the road and will make an exclusive stop for the Autoplacer Festival on their Spanish tour.


Juanita y los Feos


Juanita y Los Feos
Juanita y Los Feos is a very special band from Madrid. Their sound is like a mix of punk, garage, pop and genuine new wave melodies. They made their debut at the live music bar Siroco in 2005. That year they recorded their first self-edited album intitled “Casette Records”.

Since then they haven’t stop for a minute: they have released more than six albums in all the possible media: tape, CDR, maxi, single etc. These recordings were released by independent record labels from USA and Spain such as Dead Beat Records, Gramaciones Grabofónicas, Bowery Records, Holy Cobra Society, Rizillos Superproducciones and Discos Humeantes.

The album “Juanita y Los Feos” was selected as one of the 40 best national albums of 2007 by Mondo Sonoro magazine. The song “Pégame en la Disco” was elected one of the top 100 songs of the radio show “Diario Pop”. After releasing the single “Despacho Oval”, they are preparing a new album which will soon see the light of day.




Dolores grows out from the encounter and the musical connection between Juan and Teresa. From the combination of his music and her graphic and lyric imaginary.  Just two days after uploading their first musical themes in Facebook ("Cortafuego" & "Fiebre de") Origami Records which also stamps groups such as  Maika Makovski, Havalina, Edredón and Boat Beam among other, got in contact with them.  The word of mouth did the rest...

They recruited Tahi and Pablo, both friends, to carry out Dolores´ live concerts. Since then, there has been a nonstop: May 19, 2011, Dolores debuts at Sala Nasti in Madrid with  sold out concert for 300 people, the same 25th, they played at the Japan charity concert “Origami Beats for Japan” together with Grises and the Australians Deep Sea Arcade. In June, beside their participation in the Autoplacer Micro-Festival, they shared the stage with Caribou, Glasvegas, Lykke Li, etc., in 2011 at the Music Day festival.  Their first album with be published by Origami Records by the end of the year.


Lorena Álvarez

Lorena Álvarez y su Banda Municipal

Lorena Álvarez is artist, singer and songwriter, on top of it, the winner of the first Demo micro contest organized by Autoplacer Sindicalistas. She states her desire for chasing all those lost songs, "with great difficulties due to her lack of musical knowledge, but with a great amount of illusion, sometimes successfully, others, not that much.
Lorena Álvarez comes to the Micro-Festival Autoplacer accompanied by her Musical Band  carring a good bag full of marvelous pop songs which borders the traditional Castilian music.



Sindicalistas Dj Set

Sindicalistas is a Madrid collective centered in the promotion of new bands and the in the diffusion of independent methods of productions, as well as the free distribution, the self-edition and the DIY. Besides their monthly session of demos at the mitic bar La Vía Láctea, they DJ in clubs such as Montaña Sagrada o creating actions and music installations at JustMadrid, at CSA La Tabacalera , La Sala de Arte Joven de la Comunidad de Madrid, at DFest in Matadero, La noche de los Libros Mutantes or at the exhibitionDeZines.

On top of all these, they are the hosts of this Micro-Festival, where they will DJ, between concert and concert, a good part of the music selection from the demos and self-edited disks.





Lince is electronic music producer and DJ. Although born in Madrid, lives and works in Berlín, where he is rounding up the production from his last EP and a LP for 2012. After the Micro-Festival Autoplacer invitation to participate, he has created a good atmosphere session, different from the habitual set of dancing music, mixing certain slow songs, sometimes with a experimental pinch.

The created sessions for the Micro-Festival,include artists such as Marsen Jules Trio, Delia Derbyshire, Strategy, Manekinekod, Sven Weisemann, Simon Scott, Broadcast & The Focus Group, Stars of The Lid, Ulf Lohmann, Mountains, Loscil, Ethan Rose, Silvania, Ezekiel Honig, Scott Walker, Sawako and Claro Intelecto.




Caballito, a Granada friendly collective, pioneer in Spain of that tropical current which is splashing around the alternative musical scene.  El sound from Caballito reflects the warmth, the happiness, the roots, the desire to shake your body, the sweat, the good waves... The Gravetón, genre created by them, is based on recherche samplers from the heart of Latinamerica, over warm rhythms and rude basslines UK styles, taking you to the other side of the ocean without notice.

Caballitos is found by the artist Bigote and Grita, ultimate diggers and recyclers of Cumbia. Granada based band, they spread around their movida, in the net as well as in the parties they organize. On top of producing Gravetón, they have a true passion for image, a bukkake of animated gifs, videos with strident & shrilling moving colors, accompanying their music (as we could see in the web generation) creating an original, funny and uniform surrounding.



Peludos - Arropando Amor Animal

We wrap animals, wrapping humans. Peludos presents  its II Edition of the graceful line of t-shirts made by Abel Cuevas and Eva Solano. The sales benefits will be donated for the care abandoned animals during their search for their life love. Wrapping is Autoplacer.


La integral

La Integral

During the last six years, La Integral has been gathering together in the same venue the work of different artists and designers, aiming to promote their work at the same time they promote non commercial products.  La Integral presents temporary exhibitions accompanied all of them by music. Our participation in the Micro-Festival Autoplacer, means to be able to move to another place for just a few hours our genre of our most independent production as books, fanzines, magazines or t-shirts. And why not, having a great time.


Gramaciones Grabofónicas


Gramaciones Grabofónicas

Gramaciones Grabofónicas is a Madrid stamp bringing forth good works. Born in May 2006 as logo to edit the free single for the 6 fanzine of the Bang! Since then, we have published 15 references, among then Los Punsetes, ¡Pelea!, Juanita y los Feos, Montañas, Los Claveles, Anntona and Regiones Devastadas




Pinchín, a tiny craft catering by Mónica Iglesias. A bit of gastronomic joking and delicious musical crunch.





Silly Europeans Radio Show
Silly Europeans Radio Show – Medio Invitado

Silly Europeans is the new poliformic project by Machines Désirantes, a place without free space to play nomads in real time. A first almost random movement has taken shape of a radio programme...  Silly Europeans Radio Show will take the pulse of the events during the Micro-Festival Autoplacer full of self complacency, absurd and amusement, so you all, silly Europeans, have fun.


Foto Iglú Jonay PMatos

Foto Iglú – Acción Fotográfica de Jonay PMatos

Your worst last 24 hour photo in Facebook! Foto Iglú will try to capture the most decadent moments in the Micro-Festival Autoplacer. We will be walking around reproducing disgraceful situations which will be uploaded 24 hours later on facebook without your consents. “Foto Iglú always taggets".  Jonay PMatos artist and photographer, has participated in artistic collective projects as La Noche de los Libros Mutantes, Fast Gallery in Just Madrid or Caravanart.


Dr Genkins y su Maleta-Estudio

Dr. Genkins and his studio-suitcase

Year 2011. The evil doctor Genkins uses a portable recording from quite an uncertain origin. He starts mixing around with colleagues from the music world this same year and fool around different bands, with the excuse giving a free-of-charge recording of their work, to take over their mind and to introduce them with huge delays in their voices, recording over their own keyboards and rounding up his over-production constituting himself as a single member of the group. But this time he comes in peace, he is actually a good guy.



Fiber del sábado noche. Zaida Moda

Saturday Night Fever – Micro-pasarela de Moda

Music: "Saturday Night Fever" by Bee Gees. The stylist and agitator Zaida Rodríguez (one of the founder of the famous Fiesta Persona) proposes a type of mini catwalk show for the Micro-Festival Autoplacer. During the show, improvised models will shine the principal looks which set trends in a well known summer festival. Outfits from 1997 to 2009 in full resuscitation: pop peoples, moderns 2000, perroflautas, playeros, guiris, pin-ups… Half way catwalking or dancing under Tony Manero style.  Plenty of laughs

Among our installations you could also find:

Mini Shower Zone!
Tiny stage! (with a tiny surprising program)
Tiny Meeting point!
Tiny VIP zone!
and more other surprises….




Javier Fresneda/Ópera Comestible/Cristina Busto/ Montaña Sagrada

thu 30 JUN

Video of the session



Javier Fresneda

Informe acusmático: JAVIER FRESNEDA

A musical lecture broadcasted by CDR with possibilities from fiction to fairytales, soundscapes and obsolescence within a audio narration created specifically for the Picnic.

Javier Fresneda investigator and cultural producer, has link his works to models of symbolic negotiation, methodological adjustments or the development of prototypes generated through working teams. Recently, his projects have been displayed in Matadero Madrid (La Gesta Imposible), AKV St. Joost (Holland) or at the VentoSul Biennial in Brasil.



Ópera comestible



Harmonia is a classic allegory which tells the triumph of the Concordia between the taste and sounds compared to the chaos from gluttony. The public assist to a review of the classic opera concept where diverse gustative elements are added to all those scene and musical aspects.

This time, the work get shape in the representation of the three main act play of a wider libretto, where the voice from Concordia will guide us through revolution, peace and decline of the State of Harmony, overcome by the boring nutritive requirements, where the inhabitants start the war for a New Culinary Order.

This Project has been conceived as a continues process work, based on the investigation and the documentation on new scenario formats as well as in  workshops on culinary experimentation.

Producciones Patata is a body conducted by the artist gastrologic duo Espada and Monleón and constituted by the collective Fast Gallery and a team of art and culinary investigation created by contemporary Madrid and London creators, graduate students from the Arts Faculty from Universidad Complutense of Madrid and gastronomic renowned professionals.



Cristina Busto

Cine en directo: CRISTINA BUSTO

A lonely house, a basement, where someone walks down each night at the same time to build and bring into life little worlds. Scared of the darkness, the nights are interrupted by noises and interruptions, things that move around alone, but this character keeps on going every night to the basement to create little words which help to forget about the loneliness and fears.This time, Cristina presents the creation of a live film through models, shadow theater, object handling, paper sculpture, light and sound.

Cristina Busto artist whose work focuses on the interest of the evolution in the usage of techniques, experiencing with the possible combinations between animated-video and installation.  Thematically, she intends to change the message for sensation, from the narrative to the abstraction

 Animated stop-motion Workshop: CRISTINA BUSTO Espacio mutante


From June 27 to  July 1

For this workshop, we will make use of one of the  CA2M venue for a week for the creation of a Stop-motion animation. We will use intermittences, tours, color changes, transformations and disappearances of objects, constructing a narrative. Everything used within the workshop are recycled objects, found, personal and drawing objects.


Montaña sagrada


Montaña Sagrada is a club for all of us. We will end up with a night party full of cosmic, astral, abnormal, climber, country, wild, folkloric, catchy, disco craze and pedrolona.


Norberto Llopis/ Jeleton/ Circuit Des Yeux

thu 7 JUL

Video of the session


Norberto Llopis


Tendency presents four different ways to reflect the concept of tendency at an abstract level, four structures which conduct the action of the performer suggesting the inflexibility of an unilateral understanding. Exposing the maternity side from the body and from the space throughout the executed form.

“What is a body? Which body wraps a body? Can we see it as a body?. Most probably, but always going through the body which wraps it up. So, there is no room for questions about the meaning of body, instead,  what a body does? “

During the event, it will also take place other action.

Norberto Llopis graduated in dance and choreography by the el Institut del Teatre from Barcelona and master in Performative Arts at DasArts in Amsterdam, is also a philosophy student.




Performance: JELETON
El equipo Jeleton usa medios como el dibujo, la música, la performance o la escritura para hacer anotaciones sobre consensos culturales. Turntable quiere decir “tocadiscos” pero también “mesa giratoria” o “alternador de direcciones”. Las “Turntable pieces” son ejercicios sobre cómo se puede performar un disco de vinilo, cómo reactivar la situación de escucha o recepción de un mensaje pregrabado. Hablando con los discos, leyéndoles textos, manipulándolos mediante scratch.

Circuit des Yeux


Lafayette possesses a gift (or she maybe is completely possessed by an alien spirit). The cacophonic music created byt Circuit des Yeux is impregnated by all those most natural and organic home elements that can be used within the requisites of the lo-fi, that conceived art from the bedroom.  With just 21 years old, she has managed to edit two LP, a 27” EP and this last master piece “Retrato” though the Expedientes De Stijl.

Apparently inspired by something or someone that has taken her young heart , Lafayette is considered as one of the most ambitious and promising composer from the current picture.



Jul Yacht/ Javier Vergara de Mugaritz



Video of the session




Al son de un picnic inacabado…: JAVIER VERGARA DE MUGARITZ

Have you ever organized or assisted to any picnics? How, when and with whom? What is a picnic for you? Welcome to "at the rhythm of an unfinished picnic..."!
We cannot reveal yet the recipe for our picnic, we will keep the headline open with dots so all of you could add the ingredients of our taste. We can indeed state that you may end with an appetite and each of us will stay where our greedy brains suggest. We propose you a non-censure gastronomic day so, please, if there is any gastronomic "mercenary" coming, please leave the room.


Edredon Foto Luis Diaz Diaz

Concert: EDREDÓN

(from French édredon)

1. Down from certain Northern birds

2. A soft quilt usually filled with the down of the eider, cotton or miraguano, etc.

3. A five-member electronic-rock band from Carabanchel, Madrid

This quintette from Carabanchel will show their first homonymous album at CA2M terrace published last February gathering together minimalist songs of psychedelic atmospheres and with a party atmosphere. Bands as Kraftwerk, The Velvet Underground, O.M.D., Daft Punk, NEU! have influenced them and Yo La Tengo.



Concert: YACHT

Luck really shines once again with Shangri-La (DFA) last release this 21 of June, we will enjoy a live concert by American band, just days after the official release of the new album. With new members in the band (Jeffrey Jerusalem, Bobby Birdman, Katy Davidson) who will be playing in the tour, these self-assured heroes from the danceable hedonism of a thousand faces will put full spot to the Picnic making us jumping with an ear-to-ear smile. And this is due to Jonas Bechtolt (former The Blow) and Claire L. Evans who have added all type of digital resources to an equation which includes melodies, danceable beats and great party... Indeed, James Murphy (LCD Soundsystem) signed up for his DFA after “Summer Song”, theme song dedicated to James. Reinvented pop!


Ilustraciones Velacoracho


The contestants created a jingle (maximum length: 30 seconds) based on the audio tracks of some of the artists from the 2011 Picnic Sessions.


Here further information on the contest.




A partir de diferentes pistas de audio aportadas por algunos de los artistas de las Picnic Sessions 2011, los participantes en el concurso de jingles han realizado una creación sonora para una cuña con un máximo de 30 segundos.


Carlos Bonet López - Untitled



Jesús Zamora - Raaaaadio 3



Jose Fernando Bados López - Escrito e Ilegible



Lucas Bolaño Rucabado - J2



Maitane Baumont Arizaleta - Txilin Hots



Patricia Crjeiras Besada & Laura Chapela Gonzalez - Jingle Low


Ricardo Miluy - The Shoother



Aguila Ediciones

Autoplacer. Jingle fin total

Cristina Busto. aeiou 1-2

Circuit des yeux Barrel down. part1

Felix Kubin. Orchester 1

Divorcied (Javier Fresneda + Alberto de la Hoz). Rompesinturas excerpt

Montaña Sagrada. Mi canción 5 11

Norberto Llopis

Producciones patata. B&Carlos eating crisps

Reformance de Peter Memmer - Pendulum Music

Shangaan Electro. Ngozi (Danger)

Venga Monjas Audio CA2M




Radio 3. RNE Heineken Metro de Madrid Logo El Duende