CA2M Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo

12 – 31 MAY 2011

Teenagers are used to resort to elements of contemporary culture: art, from an ethical and aesthetical perspective influences the way we perceive clothes, music, images, language etc. They represent elements which shape our identity.

This proposal is based on the idea that by working with teenagers, we can use contemporary art-related tools that we would otherwise ignore.

Having that aim in view, we will address essential issues to understand and interpret current art. But in group we will also experiment with different ways of expression to exploit these resources in order to approach to contemporary art and use its contributions. In line with the work undertaken by the CA2M in the field of education, we will refer to the experience of “LA MAS BELLA” ( to investigate the possibilities of carrying out artistic experiments with young people using publishing processes as a methodology.

Goals :
To know perspectives and trends in contemporary art that offer different reflections, analysis of reality and intervention tools closer to juvenile culture.
To experiment with a new publishing process: carry out a publication as an example of the methodology of projects.
To make new experiments and discover action groups which intervene in sociocultural environment.
To reflect on how we could incorporate artistic perspective to youth programmes.
To perceive artistic production as a space for expression, being both a resource and a motivation.

In collaboration with Escuela Pública de Animación de la Comunidad de Madrid.

Aimed at professionals working with young people.

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