CA2M Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo


Every Thursday during the months of May and July, CA2M terrace will feature a space for developing a whole new programme of activities which will mix together body and sound with education and participation.




In this time of recession and economic cuts, CA2M expects to celebrate a Picnic wrapped in the essence of abundance. Let´s open the gates from imagination to vindicate that even though things don´t look that good, or maybe for that very reason, art offers us another way for creating abundance, clues that serve us for the day to day and for the social and political praxis: a celebration of how much we have (words and actions) and how much we can create with inimaginated tools. An abundance which is not other than the outcomes from the encounters we create for each edition, encounters where everything that might not happens, and which finally happens.  And why not, when our "democracy" reaches its maximum limits of restrain -regulations, prohibitions, orders, rules...- we celebrate what is politically incorrect, as a way for liberation and creator energies.


The idea of abundance, although it might contradict the spirit of the Picnics (under the concept of precarious, the do-it-yourself )which links with and takes advantage of the picnics to otherwise understand this state of abundance that we want to celebrate. When they want to strip us from everything we have, we might not only question ourselves about how to create wealth, what is essential and what is superfluous, but also to answer in a imaginative way to that bet made by the public powers. Investigate new ways of production, other forms of living the community. We are not only to tighten our belts; they are going to burst out.










Thu 24 MAY 21:00 H.



Fotografía de una rock perfomance de Lucky Dragons, 2008

Concert-performance: LUCKY DRAGONS

TTranscending genres, Lucky Dragons is an open project to the wide varieties of art, self-management by Luke Fischbeck and Sarah Rara. Oriental philosophies and spirit of participation are the substrates for an understanding of music and art, which shows a contempt for the default (sterile) and embraces the potential of the community, of the unpredictable and the game as dialogue. Building around tiny little nets with all of those who are peregrinating, Lucky Dragons  aspires to pure utopias, which in his hands appear to be more palpable. His installations and performances have been displayed in venues as PS1 in New York, MOCA, REDCAT and LACMA in Los Angeles, ICA in London, ICA in Philadelphia, and at Georges Pompidou in Paris.






Forget about three dimension and get ready for three parallel dimension. If you have always wished to see everything triplicate, this is you screening. Dostopos, Darío Peña and Stanley Sunday will independently film the same scenes, shot by shot, second by second. Non-of-them will know how the films of their colleagues have been shot, until the day of the screening, when all shottings will be synchronized, when you could simultaneously view it by 3.

Sound track by Afrika Pseudobruitismus


DOSTOPOSDostopos is a project created by Ana Pfaff and Ariadna Ribas. This collective was created with the will to work on the relationship between image and music through formats as video clips or video-projections, which step by step enters into other fields, as the documental one.

Dostopos works with editing, thus they make use of the found footage practice or the animated collage. When using images of their own, they usually approach accesible formats, with no need of shooting equipment as super 8 camera or home-video cameras.


Video shooting is almost a paleontological work, but you must know what bounds to collect to recompose a beautiful skeleton for a National History Museum. Darío Peña is a Madrid remarkable video-artist, who by making use of multiple video techniques, -more or less considered cliches- is capable of creating an artworks with his stamp on them, with a a homemade dash and a DIY is exactly the impulse that drive the images towards a delicate beauty.


Stanley Sunday also known under the name of Davidson as well as David Domingo is video-artist expert in Super 8. He has shot great part of his short under this format. User of collage, primitive special animation effects under the stele of the underground cinema from the American Kenneth Anger and the Kuchar brothers.


Afrika Pseudobruitismus is a nebulous associated to young stars traced in the disk of a spiral galaxy near Melilla, just where Tokio and Los Angeles are aligned. Afrika Pseudobruitismus, also known under the name of Pseudobruitismus Africamus, shines as consequence of the transformation suffered by the intense IV radiation from the neighboring hot stars. Holders of an intense magnetic field which leads to broadcast the pulse of electromagnetic radiation and 4-track space afrikan electronik trash sound, at regular intervals related to its rotation period.




JUE 31 MAY 21:00 H.



Imagen gráfica de LA DICHOS MARABUNTA, intervención de Pablo Serret de Ena, en el Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo, CA2M

La Dichosa Marabunta... an intervation which starts a set of gang invasions within institutions. The gang, understood as a spontaneous effort of teens to create a society for themselves; collectives which exceed, reject, marginalized, confront or transcend the institutional culture.

At CA2M terrace, we will free (bien dulce) La Dichosa Marabunta del Bugalú, where the attendants will exchange their clothing forming an spontaneous and urgent gang. A gang whose colors, slogan and main motto is given by art, party and boogaloo.

Pablo Serret de Ena (Grande, GrGr...) lives and works between Spain and Sweden. His works mix genders and disciplines of all kind around the youth identity, the power and the desobedence and the error... among others.  In most of his projects, the public tends to be part of the work, supplementing it, or even participating in it as part of a great game.


Fotografía del colectivo, que participa en las picnic sessions de 2012 en el Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo, CA2M


The HDP disguised  as obese women will challenge people to a bloody fight on a gladiators platform. The audience will have the opportunity to grapple with each one of the HDP components.


"With this performance, we symbolize the accepting struggle maintained by obese people with the rest of society. The costumes and the ring represent the acceptance hardness struggled by overweight people in their daily lifes. “All image, no interiority”. 


Hijas de puta is an artist collective created in 2011 with the intention to develop an alternative tendency from the commercial television one. Their work is characterized by the use of morbidity, sensationalism and scandal as strategies of attraction. They understand art as a consumption product as it is a "Nike" running shoes or IPod


Fotografía de Miguel Noguera durante uno de sus ULTRASHOWS. Participa participa en las picnic sessions de 2012 en el Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo, CA2M



Ultrashow explains around 30 or 40 ideas, one by one, without paying too much attention to order. The ideas come from his daily gathered notes and drawings created by the artist. It is a comic spectacle, although the ideas don´t need to have a comic root. For the development of certain ideas, Noguera make used of screening images. The tone of the speech is passionate, and sometimes becomes soft or colloquial. Although he writes down the titles of the ideas that he intent to communicate, Ultrashow is a improvised monologue, halfway between a conference and a theatric play.

Miguel Noguera (Gran Canaria, 1979) graduated from Fine Arts. He started seven years ago this spectacle Ultrashow within different contexts (theaters, festivals and museums). In conjunction with Jonathan Millán has published the book Hervir un Oso (Belleza Infinita, 2010), and also the book Ultraviolencia (Blackie Books, 2011).


JUE 7 JUN 2012



Imagen-collage promocional del concierto-performance de Verity Susman. Participa en las picnic sessions de 2012 en el Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo, CA2M

Performative Concert: VERITY SUSMAN

After a decade as lead singer of experimental rock band Electrelane, Verity Susman's solo project explores new territory drawing on her diverse artistic interests. Using music, visuals and text, brought together in collage form, her live shows create a world of psychedelic alienation that embraces the subversive possibilities of uncertainty and awkwardness. Often appearing in drag, her saxophone becomes an organ of musical and gender performance, confronting audiences with a queer female masculinity that it is at once serious, humorous, angry and uncomfortable. At times ironic, often passionate and full of the joyous heartbreak for which Electrelane's music is known, Verity takes the audience into a science-fiction world of sexualized instruments and fantasized encounters, re-imagining her own experience of gender ambiguity and frustrated communication through a surreal dissection and reconstruction of pulp romance novels and slash fiction tales. Her social awkwardness and ruptured identity combine and are reinvented in a fantasy of life beyond the limits of everyday convention.


Visuales por Jack Barraclough



Imagen gráfica de TRUCADOR. DISOCIACIÓN Y DESCONCIERTO EN EL DOBLAJE, proyecto de LEFT HAND ROTATION presentado en las picnic sessions de 2012 en el Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo, CA2M



“We intend to work from a creative point of view with the interferences that the film shooting processes cause to the viewer. On the basis of this, to propose an action game, aiming at raising awareness and the critical sense on the tools and the image processes and the voice within the audiovisual media.


LEFT (the abstract concept) HAND (the object, what is material) ROTATION (the action) is a shift towards opposite direction which could take place every moment, a screw to be tightened just contrary direction that is expected.



JUE 14 JUN 2012



Fotografía de Laurel Halo, que ofrece un concierto en las picnic sessions de 2012 en el Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo, CA2M


Laurel Halo has developed a self-contained take on electronic music, collapsing the boundaries between ambient, pop, synthetic psychedelic, dub and the techno music.  With Hour Logic (Hippos in Tanks, 2011) Laurel became one of the most promising artist from the latest release of artist, who, in her search for all-embracing, she finds no limits.  Quarantine, her debut album and first release on Hyperdub, consecrated as one of the voices that will sign the future of electronics.  Sumptuous arrangements and multiple details crossed by a voice, hers, far from all that warmness in an ocean of trauma and Baroque elevation of psychedelic touches anchored in a ever-alienating pop.




Fotograma de SÃO TOMÉ REVISITADO, de Silvia Zayas, que se proyecta en las picnic sessions de 2012 en el Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo, CA2M


"By gathering and manipulating 8mm films from my family archives, filmed during the Portuguese excolonization of São Tomé (Africa) during the 60-70, I propose a work with of my mothers, from the memory to the forgetfulness.  We both went back to São Tomé, where she lived. We passed the camera as a choreographic action during those moments of memories, following the steps of the cameraman and from the shots from 1974. We propose a live shooting to create different shooting for a possible documentary which will never take place. Sharing a space for the edition with the public, constantly moving the content within the film itself.


Fotografía de una performance-instalación de cine en directo de Cristina Busto, que participa en las picnic sessions de 2012 en el Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo, CA2M


"At this moment I am living in Berlin, as many of my compatriots. I am constantly observing the clash between both cultures: We, the Spaniards, speak loud, walk along the bike lane... We learn to recycle, go to German classes, slip into the underground, form small ghettos. Ich weiss nicht means "I know nothing". One of the sentences I first learnt, basically, it is real negotiation, it represents that moment when words no longer serve, you don´t expect a replay, it is an expression from chaos that a foreign language produces us. We just stop listening to observe, the day light in Berlin goes through the moving clouds, is tenuous at night, lights everywhere, moving, the trees are cut out over the landscape, bridges, canals, lightning boats, swans flying over my head.”

Cristina Busto´s work deal with the interest for evolution in using techniques, experiencing with possible combinations between video-drawings and installations. As a result of this fusion, she has come with a series of stop-motion pieces. Today, she is including in her former works the techniques, the installations and the performance to the creation of live-visuals.  She intends changing the message for sensation, from the narrative to the abstraction..


JUE 21 JUN 21:00 H.



Imagen gráfica del proyecto TRANSNACIONAL, del colectivo Ideatomics / Saioa Olmo Alonso, que participa en las picnic sessions de 2012 en el Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo, CA2M


Psycogeographic Taste Session: IDEATOMICS / SAIOA OLMO ALONSO


“"In a place from my mind, whose coordinates I cannot recall, I saved at some point a name starting with the letter "T". I don´t know if it is a "T" from ... Tarragona, "T" from Transilvania, "T" from... Tegucigalpa, or "T" from ... Teruel, for instance, indeed it exists. "T" from Mostoles, no, it also exists but it doesn´t start with "T". And, I have the word on the tip of my tongue...  in the very tip... ¡Oh, yes! “T” from Transnacional. Invoking learned words and exorcising their memory through flavors which start with letters. To experience the construction of a soundscape with geographical references that form our collective imagination, concepts with which we derive between cliffs, valleys, borders and seaports.”


Fotografía del colectivo Taller de casquería, que participa en las picnic sessions de 2012 en el Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo, CA2M


Collective Action: TALLER DE CASQUERÍA


It is intended a reflection around the greediness as maximum capable of gathering masses with an unachievable goal. This session aims to carry out collective feats, an excessive act through a heroic, ludic and massive action, pointing that "every human work is unusefull, but not its execution".


Imagen colectivo Metamkine, que participa en las picnic sessions de 2012 en el Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo, CA2M


Music-cinematic Performance: JÉRÔME NOETINGER & XAVIER


A music-cinematic performance by Jérôme Noetinger and Xavier Quérel, two of the member from Metamkine (founded in 1987), one of the most incisive and original groups dedicated to expanding the cinematic experience. Active for years in different fields of film and experimental music, they start with improvisation to develop original speeches with the use of 16mm projectors, tape recorders and their own techniques, reinventing languages and music-cinematic experiences.


"During my live shows, I try to remember that sound is just a vibration of the air. I intend to build kind of an environment or an architecture applying different strategies..." These words from Jérôme Noetinger, also member of MIMEO (Fennesz, Keith Rowe, Rafael Toral, Marcus Schmickler…) is just the perfect introduction for their live show followed by the audiovisual performance with a Xavier Quérel. Metamkineis also a great platform for the distribution of any kind of image and sound device..


JUE 28 JUN 19:00 H.




Music Party on self-edition: AUTOPLACER



Sindicalistas presents this year a new AUTOPLACER Micro-Festival edition, with the latest confirmation of the Madrid band Los lagos de Hinault, fraught of distance elegance pop which sums up quotidian ironic lyrics with refreshing melodies. Alongside, other renowned bands from the alternative scene will be released in short and, as well as the winner of this year Demo Contest carried out by the collective since April.

The Micro-Festival will count with Cocoars on the gastronomic side, with a summer party menu at reasonable prices; with the photographs from Jonay PMatos living constancy from his amazing visual universe; with the collaboration of Roberto Vidal and Maya Cohen who will bring a series of artistic self-edited publications inspired on the music world, and with Atmósfera Abrupta, disk distributors and specialist in finding musical jewels within time and space...






Imagen promocional de Los Punsetes, que participan en las picnic sessions de 2012, en el Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo, CA2M

Los punsetes

“Los Punsetes can be called the Second Generation from the Spanish Renaissance Pop. Fortunatly, the band integrates the best from the previous generation, in between the 90s and the turn of the century: with living echoes from that time within the disk. Actually, their genealogy is not endemic of Spain or any other country (from Los Ramones to Television Personalities), but I would rather think that there is a without-complex glace into the "Spanish pop" construct. Their last release, “Una montaña es una montaña” -A mountain is a mountain- (Everlasting, 2012) is undoubtedly just an “instant classic”. Written by Julián Rodríguez.


Fotografía de Felón y su mierdofón, que participa en las picnic sessions de 2012, en el Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo, CA2M

Felón y su mierdofón

Mierdofón is quite an absurd name for an obsolete devise. In the era of Gigabytes and of Terabytes, it is a complete challenge to program in a 128 Kb RAM computer. With a Amstrad CPC6128, survivors from the 80s, equipped with percussion devises (metal tray, Tupperware and cake mold) that hits through adapted hard disk heads..


In contrast to the precision of this automatic devise, the human element takes places, Fela Borbone, who, with a guitar made with four strings attached to a bottle of water, proves to be real human.


Surfing, Rock and Roll and other more tropical rhythms will be looked over during the show which will inevitably be transforming into a nightmare of techno-primitive sound that will end up hypnotizing the audience.


Fotografía de Los lagos de Hinault, que participan en las picnic sessions de 2012, en el Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo, CA2M

Los lagos de Hinault


Los lagos de Hinaultstarted is Carlos Ynduráin´s personal project that later on Matilde Tresca  joined, who after two demos, they release their debut album "Vidas Ejemplares" (Fikasound, 2011). Los lagos de Hinault compositions are fraught of adult pop, urban romance and ingenuity based on experience. For the next coming months shows, two new member will join the this emerging Madrid band, a keyboardist and a drummer who will accompany Carlos and Matilde on the stage granting the live shows with beats of energy and strength.





Imagen del colectivo Autoplacer/Sindicalistas, que colabora en las picnic sessions de 2012, en el Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo, CA2M

Autoplacer/Sindicalistas is a Madrid collective centered in the promotion of new bands and in the diffusion of independent methods of productions as free distribution, self edition music or DIY. As musical detonation strategies, they dj sessions entirely composed by submerged hits from the current demo scene, with plenty of humor and metaphysics insolvency, so... go to ground! Image by  Teresa Cobo image.


Imagen de Atmósfera abrupta, distribuidora que colabora en las picnic sessions de 2012, en el Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo, CA2M

Atmósfera abrupta

Atmosfera Abrupta is a New wave, Dark Wave, Cold Wave, Power electronics, Post punk, Avantgarde, Experimental, Industrial, Pop, Psychedelic music distributor. Atmosfera Abrupta offers re-editions, novelties and more in the shape of our favorite format, the vinyl disk.


Imagen de la edición Wowee zowee! (Zines), para las picnic sessions de 2012, en el Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo, CA2M

Wowee zowee! (Zines)
Roberto Vidal Studio con la colaboración de Maya Cohen.


Wowee zowee! is a venue for encounter, a selection of zines linked to music, fun and amusement. Those self-edited projects created with the intention of giving light to unknown and refreshing projects. And, even better, You can touch and buy!


Imagen de BICOCA (Comida rápida) Cocoars, que participan en las picnic sessions de 2012, en el Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo, CA2M


BICOCA (Comida rápida)


Cocoars, vital duo by María Espada and Alfredo Rodríguez, will bring a menu to stuff and cram the self pleasure at the Micro-Festival terrace ."Offenders of excess.  Welfare of abundance. Delight and wealth… Bicoca through the mouth.".


María Espada:
Alfredo Rodríguez:


Imagen de Fotopeintin (Acción fotográfica), que participa en las picnic sessions de 2012, en el Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo, CA2M

FOTOPEINTIN (Acción fotográfica)
Jonay PMatos & Rocío Cañero

Live photo session intervention by the artists Jonay PMatos and Rocío Cañero. The Micro-Festival public could have a party picture taken which will be manipulated by means of fun elements by the artists, followed by its publication on Internet for their own and other people´s pleasure. Fotopeintin takes the best of the best from you, if you don´t look like, you would love to be.


12 — 15 JUN. 10:00 a 14:00 H.
Homemade musical processes workshop: AUTOPLACER
Homemade musical processes is a workshop over the music edition using homemade resources. The objective is to expand and to share basic knowledge on various topics related to self edited music, its recent history, music formats, funding models, image and internet diffusion, etc.. The workshop includes a recording and edition practice activity of a music project with low-budget means.





Imagen gráfica del micro-festival AUTOPLACER, que forma parte de las picnic sessions de 2012, en el Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo, CA2M




Luis Vassallo (artist and designer)


The Madrid artist and designer, Luis Vassallo, has collaborated with the Autoplacer Sindicalistas collective designing the posters for the Micro-Festival as central pieces of the project image. Hence, Vassallo presents an experimental work in between paint and drawing, drinking from a brutalistic and naïf aesthetic to reproduce dysfunctional images.


Both projects the Autoplacer Micro-Festival and the Homemade musical processes workshop are ideated, conducted and executed by the Autoplacer Sindicalistas collective specifically for the  Picnic Sessions of CA2M Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo, curated by Jose Villalobos, Rafafans and Isra Sousa. Special thanks to the collaborators and friend who have actively formed part in the realization of all those initiatives: María Eguizabal,  Pablo Martínez (CA2M), Borja Prieto, Julio Ruiz, Joan Vich, Raúl Alonso, Iago Fernández,  Aplasta tus Gafas de Pasta collective, Lucas Bolaño, Lorena Álvarez, Paula Quintana, Abraham Rivera,  Línea 12 radio broadcasting from Radio Círculo, Discos Walden and Cuervo Estudio.

Autoplacer/Sindicalistas. Junio 2012.
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


JUE 5 JUL 21:00 H.



Imagen que forma parte de la performance que Fernando García presenta en las picnic sessions de 2012, en el Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo, CA2M

“A procedure or experiment of something, in order to obtain result from its final form”.  Still unspecified, it is possible that Fernando Garcia will show some of the results from his  project Simplificacion to "make it simpler, easier or even less complicated thing".”

Fernando Garcia works intentionally with a mixture of formats to address various concerns that have to do with his personal experience and his artist condition. Thus, his works make an ironic reference to the contradictions of the position of the contemporary creator and the structures from the art world.



Fotografía picnic session de 2011, en la terraza del Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo, CA2M

Telita por peSeta: PESETA

““Few things we might like more than being outdoors, with friends and music. If there would be materials and sewing too, so much better. Such a great racket... Last year we had such a great time playing  music with Lorena Álvarez,  listening to great bands  and eating Mugaritz delicatessens that this year, for the Picnics, we have come with the creation of little bags and the preparation of something special for this edition



Imagen de la performance CIENCIA FICCIÓN, de Cristina Blanco, que participa en las picnic sessions de 2012, en el Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo, CA2M


An art project based on scientific theories on the infinitely large and infinitely small. Intending to be an approach to science, and investigation conducted by a unscientific mind.

Science-fiction parts from the fact of making oneself questions and to make the common questions, who are we? Where are we going? What is the universe? Is it infinite? Where is it? Where does it end? What was before the big-bang? and also part from my curiosity for everything that has do with science, fiction and science-fiction"

Cristina Blanco lives and work between Madrid and Barcelona since 2003, she creates her own scenarios,  among her winning pieces are  cUADRADO_fLECHA_pERSONA qUE cORRE (2004)  with the prize Jardin d’Europe de Impulstanz 2008, TELETRANSPORTATION (2010) and Ciencia_ficción (2010/2012). She also is interpreter for other performance, theater and film creators.  Lead singer of the band The Elements and member of the art collective El Club y Las calaveras de Cher.


Imagen promocional del proyecto de audio fanzines SILLY EUROPEANS, que participa en las picnic sessions de 2012, en el Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo, CA2M


Silly Europeans is a collaborative and polymorphic project by Machines Désirantes Buró. A first movement causes them to adapt the format of music experimentation, to propagate through the airwaves of a radio podcast , a torrent of images and sounds collected across the gaga continent..

These "pseudoradiophonic"  programs are presented as a compendium of interviews and sound files of various types ranging from the urban recordings to delirious live music, assembled in a collage of imperfect beauty. From the accidental discovery of several similar projects across Europe, the need arises to become a platform for creating and distributing different audiovisual proposals.

This time, Silly Europeans lands on the terrace to present the Silly Waves´ audio fanzine consistent of a compilation of special format underground radio.


JUE 12 JUL 21:00 H.



Imagen promocional de Appaloosa, que ofrece un concierto en las picnic sessions de 2012, en el Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo, CA2M


Appaloosa,  born in Paris and published diverse EPs with  Kitsuné, Italians Do It Better and  Discotexas. Her first album will be released by Italians Do It Better (Desire, Glass Candy, Chromatics)  this year. Appaloosa takes its name from the American Horse raised up by the Nez Pece American Natives.  Appaloosa has left off the lyrics and has created a sound that melts funk, psychedelic and dance attitudes, where tracks are based on two basses and drums and the key lays on grooves and dynamics.   A dance in between melancholic and liberating...


Imagen promocional de Micachu & The Shapes, que ofrecen un concierto en las picnic sessions de 2012, en el Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo, CA2M


Raisa K, Marc Withasee and Micachu founded in 2009 the band when they debuted with Jeweller, (Rough Trade), their debut album in collaboration with Matthew Herbert gathers a mixture of recorded song with The Shapes and other solo electronic creations. Alongside, they both Micachu and Raisa have remixed, under  M.A.T.H.E.S´ name, including artist as The XX, Metronomy, Roots Manuva, Konono No.1 and Jamie Liddell. Inventive pop, inheritage from DoItYourself  (instruments created by her), the post punk and the electronic influence, funny and colorful, vital and tireless.


Escuchar concierto de Micachu & The Shapes



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