CA2M Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo


In short: Un sol y sombra is a mix drink, a genuine and great mixing way; not as it happens with water and oil which never mix together, but something similar to those sweet mixs we have all in mind: the magic instant when the day makes room for the night, or when our bodies are abandoned to the mix, or those occasions when the center flies to the outskirts (and vice versa)…

On this occasion, La Casa Encendida and CA2M invite you to let yourself loose by the tunes of the terrace and enjoy an evening of combination and mix. This cocktail, ready to be shaken, starts at La Casa Encendida with The Family Elan concert, a pure celebration to reinvent traditional music from over the world. After waking up our senses in the evening, Hypperpotamus will directly take us to Mostoles in a wagon train, with the voice and other resources as traveling companion, to end up with the live show by Prinzhorn Dance School, a mad postpunk dancing under the Manchester trend.

A trip from La Casa –the house- to the roof of CA2M with music at any time. You get on the train?




The family Elan

This Glasgow based band, The Family Elan, is multi-instrumental Chris Hladowski´s own project, one of the founders of the Scatter collective, collaborator in A Hawk and in Hacksaw, and also member of Nalle and One Esemble, two avant-folk projects. Later, the incorporation of other musicians as Hanna Tuulikki (Nalle/Two Wings), Patrick Farmer, Harry Wheeler (of Harmonic Rooms) or Mark Hearne introduces variations and mutations which seek to jointly reinvent a way of living folk music (from Anatolia to Azerbaijan, from Baluchistan to Bollywood) by a continues enrichment. Experimental folk in between trance, celebrations, and pure party. We expect a new LP in short.



New album Delta, released by El Molino Music, 2011, is Hyperpotamus second album after its debut one with Largo Bailón, which took him to tour the world with his voice & live show. Using the most diverse influences (blues, soul, experimental soul, pop and electronic among others) this new LP was recorded in a converted Victorian school (London is now his place), unique space which has served as resonant chamber for thousands and thousands of voices. These overlapping voices, by layers and loops, are the base of unique productions and live shows within the national scene. This time, his live show will take us from Embajadores to Mostoles inside a wagon train…


Prinzhorn Dance School

Tobin Prinz and Suzi Horn musical adventure, leaders of Prinzhorn Dance School, has a lot to do with post punk and post-Manchester crazy British dancing, with an omnipresent and powerful bass accompanied by Spartan and spacious instrumentation. Delivering their unique brand of encouragingly hopeful tunes with the release of their homonym album in 2008, on DFA Records (Jame Murphy, LCD Soundsystem, The Rapture, etc), one knows what to face: dancing which is not dance and pop which is not antipop. This January their second album has been released following the lines, although more ludic and excessive, more optimistic and colorful. A great end of party…