CA2M Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo

8 MAR — 7 JUN 2012

Throughout the workshop, we will analyze, hand in hand, with Roberto Vidal the world of the independent editorial design. A workshop for youngsters interested in the creative and graphic world where it will be discover  other ways of create design with minimum resources. It is a space of experimenting, to investigate new focuses, formats and areas of actions, finalizing with the creation of a collective publication edited and distributed in different places chosen in advance by the participants themselves.

Roberto Vidal is an independent curator, editorial designer and director of No.Zines. In the last years, he has worked within the sphere of culture: art galleries, design school and for different artists. His design work goes into the investigation of the today´s possibilities of the book and the desktop edition throughout the technologic development and, above all, to go in-depth into the idea of the book of artist as a joint of all arts.

In collaboration with  Concejalía de Juventud del Ayuntamiento de Móstoles