CA2M Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo


“Materials: body (familiar-unknown), things (mutable); words (shared); friends ([email protected]); movement (uncalculable); public (us). I comply with the EC2012 invitation through a reciprocal action between “I would rather not do it”, “give him some time”, “I train him” exposing a body whose occupation is to be used to the full in an employment impossible to identify. This body proposes a complete restless movement, with all, that promiscuous and selflessly, gets on with the first thing that happens: whether today´s democracy is for “@ll of us”, how does this body keeps itself standing between all the struggles already to come?” Paz Rojo


This solitary action is framed within the investigation project C O R E Ó G R A F X S, which takes as a starting point a series of choreographic cultures from the 70´s in New York that intended to incorporate the common and collective life through the body and the “encounter at the scene”. The adequate context propitiated by the May Revolution in 1968, the emergence of the hippie movement, the feminist and gay movements, who claimed other ways of understanding equality  (democracy was the future). Taking that into account, EX POSICIÓN UNIVERSAL (democracy is a psycho-kinetic training) appropriates some of the concepts that defined those body cultures that at the same time questions them within the current market democracies and within the triangle body-work-brand. 


The objective is to produce tools and practices to help us view the possibility of opening certain affective tones to sustain the process incorporated of the precariousness where we live and work to help us to glimpse how to support ourselves in that mobility that characterizes our time and what will be their implications in our relations, our lives and our daily practices. C O R E Ó G R A F X S is on view from 2011 through mobile workshops, actions and choreographic experiences, a blog, encounters, interview-documentary and the on-line publications of a book note-tool. Previous expression to this project were the actions Lo que sea moviéndose así (order by La Porta for the Festival LP’2011) and Acción inaugural (presented at SISMO 2011).


Paz Rojo (Madrid, 1974), graduated in choreography at the School for New Dance Development, Amsterdam. Since 2000 she creates her own choreographies and performative interventions in alternative formats of exhibition and presentation. Since 2004 she has been active in organizing, coordinating, curating and facilitating various frameworks, discussions, workshops and projects which involve education, research and artistic production.


An invitation from Escena Contemporánea 2012 for Paz Rojo, in collaboration with CA2M. Within the framework of C O R E Ó G R A F X S, a coordinated framework and provided by Paz Rojo. Supported by La Porta, Barcelona; SISMO Festival de creación in situ, Madrid.


February 9th 12:00 h. Special session followed by a talk with Performing Art student from Rayuela de Móstoles High School.