CA2M Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo





Do you want to join Amigas del CA2M? What is involved in taking part in the life of a museum?

In this session we will publically present the members of the board of directors of the Amigas del CA2M Association and listen to the experiences of many of the amigos who form part of this affective community built around CA2M. We will reflect about what it means to take part in the life of a museum, to learn about its internal workings and to programme activities that foster participation and a better knowledge of contemporary art.

Amigas del CA2M is a community of people, institutions and businesses interested in contributing resources, ideas, know-how and experience to the goals of CA2M. Through this platform, members become active participants and create a closer relationship between society and the institution.

According to the Spanish Federation of Friends of Museums: “the work of associations of friends of a museum reinforce the management of the museums in question and can facilitate the execution of their short and long term goals for each of their different functions. The ways of collaborating are adapted to the individual features of each museum and to the possibilities of each association of friends, but in all cases they are instrumental in conveying the voice of the specialist to the visitor and vice versa. Forming part of an association of friends of a museum is also to highlight the need to safeguard our heritage and to understand the value of culture from within.”

Meetings with artists and different art world agents, visits to studios and exhibitions, tours of museum storage rooms and trips to other art centres are just some examples of the activities organized by the Amigas del CA2M Association, designed to provide a greater insight into the diversity of the contemporary art world and to bring us closer to its agents.

With their participation, the friends of the museum support the activities, workshops and exhibitions carried out in the art centre, can follow the day-to-day workings of the museum closer and have a platform to get involved in defining its future. Their intervention is instrumental in building the CA2M collectively. Join us now!