CA2M Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo


Acento 2019_Imagen Ángela Losa

22, 23 AND 24 JANUARY

Acento is a programme associated with Artists in residence, a project organised jointly by La Casa Encendida and CA2M Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo, whose goal is to support creation and experimentation focused on performative work with the body.

During this three-day event some of the projects conceived and developed during the 2019 programme will be presented and a meeting place will be facilitated with the artists in the 2020 programme. Over these days the two organising institutions wish to place the accent on ideas that arose during artistic experimentation using the body, understanding it as the social body and a political construct that produces knowledge through the senses.

The artists selected in 2019 were: Mar Reykjavik, Laila Tafur y Alba Rihe, Andrea Zavala, Magdalena Orellana, Bárbara Hang and Ana Laura Lozza, Marc Vives, Sandra Gómez and Javier Vela, and Laura Kalauz.


Wednesday 22 January
At CA2M Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo

6:00 pm. Sandra Gómez: Bailar al sonido
Bailar al sonido is a project examining sound as a source of energy, whose propagation implies a transfer of energy aimed at altering and affecting the body in such a way that it can modify its state and place.
In a feedback exercise that interconnects the body, space and sound, the actions of amplifying and recording sounds emitted by a body in motion create layers of sound that build up and accumulate until gradually taking over the space and producing a charge and an intensity that affects the body and modifies its way of moving.

7:00 pm. Bárbara Hang y Ana Laura Lozza: The rest of dance
Does such a thing as residual movement exist in our bodies? And, if so, can these movements be replicated and choreographed? What does it mean to work with the residual in the field of movement when what normally defines dance is its ephemeral and transient quality? What residue is left in our body after dancing? Can one adopt an environmental gaze through a practice of movement focused on the residual?
Taking the form of a counterproposal to productive creativity and efficient choreography, The Rest of Dance seeks the possibility of engaging critically and bodily with excess, violence and the invisible that resides inside the residual.

Thursday 23 January
At La Casa Encendida

8:00 pm. Laura Kalauz: El estado de las cosas
El Estado de las cosas is a reconstruction of performative expressions created by women from the Middle Ages until the present in critical dialogue with the conditions of the time. How are these works problematized and updated today?
El Estado de las cosas is built around the omissions of dominant historical accounts. I explore the creation of meaning through the different possible relationships between the body and the word: Who says what and how, when, at what historical moment and to whom? What does the unsaid mean and how does it affect this meaning? How does a performance become an historic act?
I use an unprecedented science that studies other ways in which history could have happened. I look for a way of saying things that will allow spectators to ask themselves at each moment if what they are seeing is reality or fiction, if it actually happened or not, to the point in which these questions no longer matter.

9:00 pm. Andrea Zavala: _hacia el sporte
The idea starts out from the act of disappearing. Disappearing as a conceptual framework and a physical practice. Dis-appear, where the body is suspended in a field of horizontality with other bodies in space, both human and non-human. When the body disappears, space appears as a performer. In this way the subject, the body as subject, is displaced, the subjectivity of the performer is de-centred towards other parts of itself, or outside itself, to one side, around...
_hacia el sporte is a game shared with the audience. The gaze of the public activates codes and becomes an agent which is just as important as any other element of the game. Disappearance in suspension. We are all suspended. This is the moment. Music, space and light are all non-body bodies, non-human humans, non-object objects that are held in suspension between appearing and disappearing.
A fearless sentient space is fearfully opened. A multi-orchestrated space where at first sight there is nothing. The sensation is like the heat of infrared, flowing beneath, and the present bodies are enhanced, balanced, vibrated, harmonized, shocked, become forces, are forces, there are forces.
In collaboration with Laura Ramírez.

Friday 24 January
At La Casa Encendida

9:00 pm. Mar Reykjavik: Body As A Brick
Body As A Brick is an essay that explores how, within the framework of the body, tradition switches to trend.
BAAB is a system that is activated by the body and is therefore indebted to the archive. A study on the origins of the apparently absurd inserted within present behaviour or the excuse that what we do is just an encounter with what we have already been doing. This is how the global crushes the local. When I say tradition I say rite and ritual. When I say trend I am talking about challenges (actions spurred on by internet which operate as a possible mechanism for the emancipation of the body and the democratization of performance). It is a case of being part of something. Both practices—tradition and trend — share the same use of a method and the participation of bodies: a community’s capacity to execute rules and the possibility of converting action into image.