CA2M Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo

16:30 - 20:00

A deluminator absorbs light and returns it to the objects it came from.


Light is one of the most mysterious phenomena we know. The ancient Greeks first believed that light came from the eyes, and then later that it came from objects. But light is not absorbed either by the eyes or by objects, and not even by a magical instrument.

We grab hold of our deluminators and enter into the museum. There is a lot of light and you don’t see anything. Too much light is blinding. On the other hand, there are completely dark halls. My shadows are pink. What is going on? Together we are going to try to understand these paradoxical qualities of light: darkness-brightness, shadow-sun, physical-symbolic.... it is all about action and lights, colours and emissions.

During the month of February, Espacio Mutante has invited the artists Víctor Colmenero Mir and Irene Cantero to carry out a creative workshop for young people between the ages of 13 and 21 years. Over the course of two Saturdays we will submerge ourselves in their creative universe. We will create our own stage laboratory where we will work together, transforming the museum and collectively experimenting with light.


Víctor by Irene
He is interested in the raw and the categorical and that’s how he communicates with the outside world. He creates from this naked and honest way of working that proves that it is not always easy to look or to assimilate. His discourse and his way of constructing are based on live action, the context he lives in and a critical gaze.

Some days he is adamant that it doesn’t bother him to work as a waiter as long as he can continue doing his own work. Other days, when talking with me, he wonders if he will be doing this forever. He likes to dress up as other beings, but the important thing is always the message and not how he is seen from outside, sometimes ridiculous, almost always fun, sometimes obscene, always radical.

Irene by Víctor
She lives between the countryside and the city. Her practice cuts across different processes. She is not in search of any kind of preconfigured formalisation. She explores publishing, her own body, the body of a bird, light and walking with her dog Tristana. In her work there is no clear-cut division between the inner and the outer. She puts the same care and attention into her projects as she does into her food, climbing, sewing, anatomy or in making a gift. She finds beauty in little details and in this beauty she finds personal satisfaction.

Young people aged 13 to 18 years


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