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17 AND 18 JANUARY. 19:00 H.


Marlene Monteiro Freitas started dancing thanks to the influence of the culture of Cape Verde, her place of birth, and this is where the title of the show, Guintche, comes from. Guintche is the name of a bird but it is also used for a prostituted woman or a person who jumps from one thing to another without any apparent logic. And the piece that Monteiro is now presenting picks up on these qualities and the idea of impurity.

In Guintche everything happens in the top part and in the bottom part of the body. From the hips to the feet the body is given over to a mechanical repetitive swinging motion. Meanwhile, at the height of the face, there is a frenetic succession of grimaces disconnected from any psychological emotion. These movements produce a state of visual trance, because Marlene dances with everything, from her muscles to her teeth, from the visible to the invisible.

What she brings into play here cannot be summed up as either theatre or as dance, and not even as performance. It is closer to what each person sees with the imagination.

A conversation between Marlene Monteiro Freitas and Manuel Segade (director of CA2M) will be held on Wednesday 17 following the performance.

Venue: Sala Negra de Teatros del Canal

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