CA2M Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo



17:00 — 18:30

Fourth, fifth and sixth year primary school students

We often lose our sense of time when looking at the sea, or when we are lying down on the grass and watching the clouds drift by, or when we get caught up looking at somebody performing a task. What would happen if, in this state, a purple light were to come from the clouds, or a hand were to emerge from the waves, or if the person performing the task started to scream?

In this workshop, given by Ismeni Espejel and focused on movement and contemporary theatre, schoolchildren will share the process of creation of a piece conceived for the stage to be presented to the public during La Verbena at CA2M. Each week, through movement, exercises in improvisation and exhibitions of the work of other creators, we will ask ourselves the question: What is behind the things that fascinate us? The children will work together in a group not only at the museum, but also out in the street, looking for the strange and the unexpected in order to transform them into material for the stage. We will address odd and fascinating things as an excuse to discover what usually goes unnoticed, to find something where we did not expect to see anything, and to find nothing where we expected see something

Ismeni Espejel works on her own creations for the theatre and she performs as an actor in works by other artists. She uses acting and dance techniques and yoga as well as artistic processes with other creators to reflect on how fascinating it is to interpret reality and how this process of creation can transform us.

More information and free enrolment at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or (+34) 91 276 02 27