CA2M Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo


3 -7 JULY 2017

Aimed at young people between 13 and 21 years old

To bring the school year to a close, every year UHF invites an artist to carry out a summer workshop exploring new artistic strategies. This year is the turn of the Los Bárbaros group, who have prepared a workshop called Wild Paths, conceived to make us think about the image of the hero. Is it still possible to have an adventure in the 21st century? Where is the wild hidden? Do we dare to stray off the beaten path? Over the course of five days, plus one night spent sleeping in the museum, we will submerge ourselves in the creative universe of Los Bárbaros and discover new paths and forget about the journey back home. We will get lost in the museum, in its corridors and hidden corners; we will invent new stories and borrow from existing ones; we will think the unthinkable. This wild place between fiction, poetry and reality.

1. Los Bárbaros live on the edge.
2. Los Bárbaros spend their lives fighting
3. Los Bárbaros want to conquer the centre.
4. Los Bárbaros also dream about going home.
5. Los Bárbaros know that we will always be the others in History.
6. Los Bárbaros are more about epic than drama and poetry.
7. Los Bárbaros speak a strange but beautiful language.
8. Los Bárbaros drink when the battle is over and cry when the night falls and nobody can see us.
9. Los Bárbaros know the lay of the land.
10. Los Bárbaros know that the war is long, which is why we believe in wild patience.

Los Bárbaros is a multidisciplinary project in which various artists working with theatre, performance, installation, books and photography collaborate together. Their work addresses varying concepts of identity, power and the community, flowing from the simple and everyday towards the unexpected and poetic, grounded in honesty and endeavouring to create space for dialogue and questioning.