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Experimental theatre with El Pollo Campero, Comidas para llevar  

Las actrices siempre mienten (Actresses Always Lie)is experimental theatre exploring stereotypes and clichés associated with actresses (What does an actress know what to do merely by being an actress?), using them as an excuse to go further and speak of issues that interest them as creators and as individuals (profession, gender, instability). “We start out from the basic premise that everything that happens on stage is a consensual lie, and that the truth is of no importance on the stage. We understand everything as a construct around the truth, more of less truthful but ultimately a lie. We believe that life as well is just a construct, a lie." 

El Pollo Campero, Comidas para llevar is an experimental theatre group formed by Gloria March Chulvi and Cris Celada. In March 2012 it debuted its first work,Sekvantaro. Piezas correspondientes de duración relativa en las que las actrices intentarán no hacer teatroas part of the 5th Cenit international experimental theatre festival (TNT-Atalaya), where it was awarded the prize for best show. They also received the prize for best director at the ACT Festival and the prize for best new show at the 2nd Andalusia Theatre Awards. At CA2M they will be presenting their latest work, Las actrices siempre mienten.

Admission free while seats last

This event is part of the programme for Noche de los teatros 2017