CA2M Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo


5 OCT 2016 20:30

El lugar sin límites The Place without Limits) is a project curated by Carlos Marquerie and Emilio 

A project by CDN (National Drama Centre) with the collaboration of Teatro Pradillo and the support of CA2M

The performance Quarter of an Hour of Metaphysical Culture is a presentation of physical training created from a poem by the same name by the Romanian poet Ghérasim Luca. The goal is to situate the metaphysical ideas contained within the poem (life, death, emptiness, anxiety, ideas, shivers), without any drama, based on a repetition of physical and sound exercises. The poet provides the “meta” and the performers the “physical”.

This performance is the first piece in a wider collection within the project La Conquista de lo Inútil (The Conquest of the Useless), which examines what we normally consider as unimportant, ineffective or unproductive

Oscar Gómez Mata was born in San Sebastian, and lives and works in Geneva. He is an actor, director, and also playwright and scenographer, who started out working in the theatre in Spain in 1987. He was a cofounder of the Legaleón-T company, with whom he created shows until 1996. In Geneva in 1997, he founded the L’Alakran company where he has conceived, written and directed various shows.

Admission free while places last

The performance is part of El Lugar Sin Límites, a project exploring two common ideas: the idea of home and the idea of story. Set in conflict within the space of the performance, the aim is to make them clash together, producing sounds, sparks and unexpected encounters. For this purpose, artists were invited to provide voices, bodies and experiences to this ongoing reflection.

This year the idea is to observe the construction of a place to inhabit, a place to sit, observe, speak and listen. To be able to make a home together, to guide us through a territory that we decide together, to build a space for meeting and, in addition, to still believe in the possibility of continuing to tell our story to one another.

The programme is accompanied by places for reflection and encounter for artists and between artists and the audience.