CA2M Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo


29 December at 6:30 pm.

Concert for children accompanied by adults

A winter concert to warm the bones and the heart!
Singing and dancing to be together, to spend time together
and to let time slip by together.
Singing and dancing to warm us up, to raise the temperature, to break into a sweat together.
Red as tomatoes, our mouths open gasping for breath, and our bones
good and loose!
Heads turning!
Hips out of control!
Shaking like mad!
Let's celebrate the power of being alive!
Let's celebrate the power of being alive in winter! Of being alive all the time!

After the workshop Poderío Vital carried out this autumn in which they explored along with participants four ways of creating a song, which in turn gave rise to eight new songs, we now invite you to this end-of-year concert to add a little warmth to the winter. A musical experience that exploits the possibilities of making music collectively and will do everything to spread the emotion for the change, movement and transformation about to take place in the beginning of 2016. Poderío Vital defines itself as a symphonic symbiosis that makes broadening action songs involving a process of research embracing the performing arts, movement, writing, musical composition and audio-visual composition engaging with presence, knowledge of the body, the
affects, pleasure, the expressive capacities of living beings, reflection on communicative events and ways of being together, of being with the other.

On 23 January Poderío Vital will hold another two sessions of its workshop "Ni pa’ tras. Ni pa’ lante. Here. Singing." Enrolment open

Please confirm attendance by sending an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or ringing (+34) 912 760 221