CA2M Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo


THU 16th JUL 21:00 H.


Las Lindas Pobres is an independent publishing house founded by Magui Dávila (Puerto Madryn, 1985), dedicated to producing beautiful editions with few resources, or with a lot of resources, but, in any case, with as many resources as there are available. Nowadays, it has become a space for research, where we reflect through publications on the field of music, subcultures, and popular culture, rendering visible those forms of practical knowledge found on the dance floor, in rehearsal rooms, on album covers, and in on-line communities, as a form of action and art production. Among their past and future publications, they engage socio-political, gender, bio-political, and other issues. LLP is attracted to taking walks on the dark and wild side... techno, underground, noise, experimental music, digital cumbia, and yet it never ceases to explore other formats, since it is a vortex where anything can happen.

21:15 H. Gastronomical Performance: MUGARITZ + I

The Candy Project is a performance in which sociologists, artists, and chefs collaborate. Mugaritz+ I propose a cross between the realms of aesthetic, techno-scientific and sociological research, or, why not, it amounts to the same thing, to relate kisses, textures, and candy.

Candy as a point where everything flows and converges. To look for love, to chase a moment of happiness, to capture and keep it. Sweet and cloying kisses, candy kisses. To share candy and to share kisses. To taste without eating. To kiss. Do you like candy?

22:00 H. Concert: BLOOD SPORT

Blood Sport formed in Sheffield in 2010, and ever since the trio have forged out arresting sound practices from within the cities hard working art/music community.

The development is now at the stage of surge and attack, with the band's blistering guitar dynamics & pointed lyrics shuddering and shimmering against the roughhoused techno-gilded polyrhythms. For Blood Sport there is an uncountable urgency that pervades their tightly wound sound and all that surrounds and informs it.

2015 will see the fruition of a year’s work both In the live and recorded output of Blood Sport, with a keenly anticipated new record, Axe Laid To The Root. Their non-stop wall of noise and rhythm live show will also be taken into new areas. Blood Sport have a heavily structuralist live show, delivered with ferocious intensity, girding and grinding the audience into movement. With a background playing squats, raves, art happenings and clubs, the band sequence the sets for the dance-floor. With a background playing squats, raves, art happenings and clubs, the band sequence the sets for the dance-floor. Time to play.

23:00 H. Concert: JOHN GRVY

John Grvy is the electronic project of J. E. Edward. Born in Madrid and cosmopolitan, offensively young, Grvy moves at ease and with elegance between chillwave, pop, R&B and soul. Think of Hudson Mohawke meets James Blake meets Prince and you'll get quite an approximate idea.

Behind his shades hides one of the most promising names of the new generation of electronic music in Spain, capable of shamelessly stand his ground against the most common names in Paris, London or New York. His productions aim very high, as does his undeniable charm. And this has only just started.