CA2M Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo


THU 04th JUN 21:00 H.

21:00 H. Presentation of the poster: ANTONI HERVÁS
Antoni Hervás has been commissioned this year with providing an image for the picnic sessions, and with presenting it in an interesting event on this first day of the sessions. Antoni's design consists in laborious drawings, half-figurative and half-abstract. He explores the limits of drawings and absorbs other disciplines, such as performance, sculpture, and music. In the words of Bea Espejo in El cultural, "his work is a labor of accumulation, in which, through excess, he attains unity. From the anecdote, he creates an endless world of associations".

Antoni Hervás has had solo exhibitions in Barcelona, such as Hércules en la Luna in the Caja Madrid Cultural Space, Tiendaderecha, and the Chamber of Urban Property. He has taken part in collective exhibitions, most notably PUNK. Its Traces in Contemporary Art at the CA2M, Huidas. La ficción como rigor in Fabra i Coats. Barcelona Art Center, El martell sense mestre in Can Felipa, La Casa Encendida,the Espai Zer01 in Olot, Dafo, the Sala d’art Jove and SAContemporani. He has held artist residencies in Hangar, Anotati Scholli in Athens, and he has taught workshops and given conferences in KABK or MUSAC.

21:20 H. Concert: RICHARD DAWSON
Rising up from the bed of the River Tyne, a voice that crumbles and soars, that is steeped in age old balladry and finely-chiselled observations of the mundane, Richard Dawson is a skewed troubadour at once charming and abrasive. His shambolically virtuous guitar playing stumbles from music-hall tune-smithery to spidery swatches of noise-color, swathed in amp static and teetering on the edge of feedback. His songs are both chucklesome and tragic, rooted in a febrile imagination that references worlds held dear and worlds unknown.

Both live and on record, Dawson is a barrage of musical expression and personality. A shambling exterior, amidst tales of pineapples and underpants, ghosts of family members and cats. His stage presence is at once inviting and awe-inspiring. The visceral power of his voice against the lurching modality of his guitar lines conjure false memories of Tim Buckley and Richard Youngs duetting with Sir Richard Bishop and Zoot Horn Rollo.

22:20 H. Performative conference: RYAN RIVADENEYRA
Verde Chillón is a sequence of apparently disparate stories, which get entangled until they are finally unified. Starting from a proposal to produce a piece on the work of another artist, Verde Chillón explores the strange relationship between two contrary concepts, such as oxymorons, in search of a perfect connection between object and subject. Through a PowerPoint presentation, the artist shows their frustrations and discoveries during the germination and production of the project.

Ryan Rivadeneyra (Miami, 1984) lives between Barcelona and Amsterdam. Among his latest exhibitions are 5 Explosiones de un Ford Pinto in La Capella, FACTOTUM in Fundació Tàpies, or Verde Chillón in the MACBA and for Secció Irregular at the Mercat de les Flors. He was a resident artist in Hangar Centre de Producció in Barcelona between 2012 and 2013, and winner of the Premi Miquel Casablancas artwork award 2013.