CA2M Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo


Collective formed by Eva Garrido, Victoria Gil-Delgado, Marta de Gonzalo, Carlos Granados, Pablo Martínez, Yera Moreno, María José Ollero, Diego del Pozo and Virginia Villaplana

This year Las Lindes continues meeting periodically to explore new spaces for critical thinking on education and art. This project came about from the shared concerns of various agents in education when confronting the difficulty of generating an alternative to the dominant narrative on critical education practices while at once intuiting the need to build an education community that would rethink the very essence of education. Since the outset of this project, we are convinced that education is the place from which to build a common project for the future, focusing work from a continuous process of questioning of our practices and of our theoretical references as a possibility to provide body to a community in order to rethink, share and direct our concerns and desires.

In this new course Las Lindes will be presenting the audiovisual essay on which they have been working over the last year.

The open sessions of this course will be announced in advance to the addresses on Las Lindes’ mailing list.

If you wish to receive information, write to [email protected] putting Las Lindes in the subject of the email.