CA2M Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo

House of Tupamaras, Anna Ehrenstein

Photo: Anna Ehrenstein


House of Tupamaras is an interdisciplinary collective founded in 2017 in Colombia, dedicated to the practice, circulation and management of ballroom culture and voguing. Taking elements of dance, performance and visual arts, they develop theatrical works that bring into question the commonalities between contemporary art and the spectacle, either on traditional stages or in unconventional venues within performing arts circuits. Their work, generating safe and free spaces for the night, have had a fundamental echo in queer communities all over Latin America, with the slogan: “We are a fag guerrilla, our manifesto is dance".

Las Tupamaras have stayed in Madrid during the confinement for COVID-19, and have had to cancel their collaborations programmed in Spain, which has deprived them of income and the accommodation which they have been counting on. In the US drag tradition, it is believed that the final ism of the avant-gardes was not minimalism, but Availabilism: to do what you can with what is available. Like a cry for help, they told us: “this project came about through the need to activate and visibilize our work in the city of Madrid and to connect with local artists. It is called KOLOCAMS and has to do with the use of available technology in the web performance format, in this case using the Zoom online platform, using everyday space, lights and objects”. The video they offer us is a summary of the work they were able to make for Club Montparnasse: an online multimedia cabaret by three merengue-voguers.