CA2M Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo



La Escuelita at CA2M is a living research body. It is conceived as if it were the museum’s digestive apparatus, or second brain, working at a slower pace, collectively and experimentally. It is a highly productive metaphor to think of the programme as a place for digesting processes, for slowly fermenting ideas, for infrastructural nutrition and fertilising; a space of negotiation, of enunciation, of coexistence and affinity. The metabolism of the group at La Escuelita feeds off the exchange between its members, the discursive vectors that it brings into play and the conditions of the structure in which it is inserted. With the passing of time the logics of reciprocity, deviation and understanding will be modulated along the way in multiple directions, influencing the course it takes and its goals, as well as the uses of the institution. It is also an apparatus whose tentacles spread out beyond the centre and touch on the questions raised in its exhibitions, in its city and further beyond, bringing into its fold the many symptoms, urgencies and desires that need to be digested at another pace, with another intensity and in another form. That is why La Escuelita is a laboratory in which to rehearse, speculate and formulate vectors of future programming. And, it is also the reason why it is a department that is impossible to pin down or define.

Over the course of the second season—Social Choreographies. We Still Don’t Know What the Body Is Capable Of—we explored a whole constellation of ideas and debates on the aesthetic, linguistic, social and political potencies of the body. It left in its wake a meaningful investigative sediment on historiographies traced from below, on racial and viral techno-politics, on the logics of (cultural and other forms of) appropriation, on affective and molecular contagions, on grammars of gestures and coalitions of unprecedented lives, on the potentialities of touch and of the hidden, as well as on the intensities of dance, parties and glamour. We opened spaces for sharing and caring together in Beauty Salons, and spaces for collective experimentation in the Ensayos Editoriales publishing project, we organised the first Night Studies and, above all else, we recognised ourselves as a group that wishes to work and to be together. That is why now, after a period of rest, La Escuelita is leaving aside its public programming and transforming itself into this working group, consciously conformed by the main agents in the programme, whose goal is to touch down and digest everything that has been generated during the previous season. We wish to be a group in which the different conceptual vectors that emerged can be situated and explored in greater depth, from our personal and collective concerns, and thus gather and formalise various specific declinations of what these Social Choreographies are and can be for us. Because we believe that there are infinite definitions of what the body is capable of still waiting to be explored.


The working group at La Escuelita is made up of Edward Andrews, Artemio, Mauro Benavidez, Artemio, Victor G. Carreño, Alejandro Castañeda, Yelena Cvejic, Carmen García, Rubén Herranz Zúñiga, Ameen Mettawa, Lara Molina, Julia Morandeira, Beatriz Ortega Botas, Manuel Segade, Alberto Vallejo, Laura Valor, Gerard Volta, and others who will join us along the way.

From Autumn 2019, La Escuelita will reopen to the general public with a public programme for the new season.


If you are interested in taking part in La Escuelita, send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.