CA2M Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo




This year we are starting to collaborate with our local municipal music conservatory, a thriving centre with lots of cultural activities which is just a few steps away from the museum.

The Triangle project is a new framework for listening to ourselves and getting excited while making music together. Throughout the year we will offer students at the conservatory a chance to combine their learning with the sounds of Julián Mayorga, an experimental singer-songwriter who combines psychodelics, Latin American folk and electronics, during an art residency he will be carrying out at the museum. We will also be putting into practice various kinds of performative proposals based on intuition, which will engage with emotional bonds and direct experience with music. We will leave the written score to one side and will play from an open recital and the concert as performance. Noise and distortion will be some of the paths we will take to expand the possibilities of sound. Playing from memory will give way to improvisation, leading to another kind of relationship with instruments. In this way, the joint work of this orchestra will create a dialogue between classical and experimental, creating another possible music.

Programme supported by the Daniel and Nina Carasso Foundation