CA2M Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo

1 JUNE 21:00 H

21:00 Performance: CLÉDAT & PETITPIERRE
LES AUBES SONT NAVRANTES (The Dawns are Heartbreaking)
In their constant to-and-froing between sculpture and the performing arts, Clédat & Petitpierre build a protean and entertaining practice. With a heightened sense of studio-based work and control of fabrication techniques, in their recent works they propose activating sculptures through a dual perception: that of the exhibition and the more performative event, where the artists’ bodies are involved in a systematisation of the figure of the couple and of their territory.

21:30 Performative diaporama: ANTONIO FERREIRA


A performative diaporama is like a doubled-looped inverted ekphrasis: words blink and thoughts stutter. I click on a PDF because the PDF is the rhythm of the twenty-first century. This is a two-finger, two-lip and two-eye performance in which the arrows on the keyboard come and go obsessively. In these three diaporamas, certain anatomical and digital problems rhyme in a strabismus of concepts. Sugar-coated language expands until almost reaching academic rap, whispers that melt, aphasic ASMR, explosions of hardware and a little bit of conjunctivitis. In short, some diaporamas where the eyelid, the human body’s quickest muscle, is the ideal co-pilot.

Antonio Ferreira is an artist and doctorate student in Fine Arts at UCM. He published the book Palabra Parpadeo in 2016. In 2017 he took part in Apuntes para una psiquiatría destructiva, an exhibition curated by Alfredo Aracil (Sala de Arte Joven de la Comunidad de Madrid) and has received funding from Injuve for the ESTUDIO_ESCRITORIO curatorial project. He is also a vocalist in music projects like T I C S and Unknown Vudú.

Lolina, Inga Copeland and Monika are some of Alina Astrova’s alternative monikers. Astrova is a London-based, Tallin-born producer and singer whose low-fi vocal projects shift between dub, rap, hyperdub and electronica.

Her latest releases as Lolina are: Live in Paris, and Relaxin’ with Lolina; and as Inga Copeland: Smitten, and Because I’m Worth It, all of which are self-released.

She is also a member of the experimental electronic duo Hype Williams, together with Dean Blunt, with whom she has released albums and EPs on labels like Hippos In Tanks, De Stijl and Hyperdub

Estampita Picnic Sessions by FERNANDA LAGUNA
This year, the artist Fernanda Laguna is collaborating in BUSHES, SUBSTANCES, HAIRS, NOISES with a scapular which can be collected at each Picnic Session.

Fernanda Laguna is an Argentinean visual artist, poet and curator. She ran the Belleza y Felicidad space in Buenos Aires and the poetry and narrative publishers of the same name. In 2003 she opened a branch of Galería Byf that continues operating today. She is a founding member of the Liliana Maresca secondary project aimed at the visual arts at the Escuela 349 school in the district of Fiorito and is also a founding member of the group Eloísa Cartonera. In 2010 together with a group of artists, she opened Tu Rito, a space dedicated to poetry and performance.

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