CA2M Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo



10th FEB - 8th MAR 2015

10 FEB — 8 MAR 2015

The works from the ARCO Foundation Collection allow us to trace out an itinerary through the art from the decade of the 1960's to nowadays, this time with a focus on two ideas that have also been an important part of the exhibition programming of the CA2M in recent years. On the one hand, the very notion of art, and its potential to generate meaning through minimal gestures. Thus, Italian artist Mario Merz' large marble igloo shares the same space with the delicate assemblages of American artist Richard Tuttle. Accompanying these pieces, there is a large number of works created in the wake of Art Póvera and Minimalism that invite us to reflect on art itself.

The other theme that plays a role in this presentation is personal and collective memory, as well as our capacity to reread our past in order to understand the present and imagine the future. The persistence of images in our memory is evident in the works of Juan Muñoz, here shown opposite an emotional piece by French artist Christian Boltanski. They are accompanied by other pieces that reflect, premised on intimate experiences, on the evocations of our own body and on that which defines us as persons. They all dwell, sometimes painfully, on that which we must not forget.