CA2M Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo





nov. 7, 2012 — jan. 27, 2013


The CA2M Collection VI revolves this time around the idea of art as a means to get closer to reality, as a space to critically gaze the past to finally understand the present as well as to imagine the future.


The present outlook is uncertain since many references that we thought solid and unmovable enough have fallen apart, while we face others that we may not understand still. After completely giving up becoming holders of truth, of a great narration that may explain the reason for all that that surrounds us, art has found itself concentrating itself  into micro narrations, into stories which without giving up giving poetry and emotions, bringing us some light to develop ourselves in our everyday lives. Art as also been the medium to draw up a record of what it is happening, as well as to find within history the bases from the actual order.


The selected artworks bring us closer to stories, wether real or not, which encourage us to reflect on these premises. Thus, Alexander Apóstol inquires into the history from a Los Angeles Stadium, built against a public housing project which would have changed the idiosyncrasies from a bourgeois neighborhood. Breda and Rosa visit again the spots from bloody battles from the Spanish history, now converted into tranquil bucolic retreat. Both Sigalit Landau and Falke Pisano focus on the politic extensions of the human body. David Goldblatt and Annie Leibovitz question the way power is portrayed –the first one, by showing the positions from some Southafrican Regions, while the second artist, shows us the USA President accompanied by some of his Cabinet member as well Queen Elizabeth. The Indian art collective RAQS Media Collective has a critical gaze over the Marxist legacy in Latento Comunista. David Maljkovic search for the origin of the Yugoslavian failure within elements from the urban planning, as well as extreme development that set the base for its growth in the second part from the XX century.




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