CA2M Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo

13 JULY 21:00 H.

21: 00 Poetic improvisation/action: PABLO URIZAL
.doc is a document produced in real time that is built on the interaction between the writer and the reader, through poetic and improvised action. The game consists in providing concepts, themes and words that are turned into changing and active texts. In the Picnic Sessions, this game is underscored by the poetic addressed in each session, the works and the participating artists. In this way, the improvisation is contrived as drawing to a close the mass of hair and substances we have been seeing Thursday after Thursday.

Chancha Vía Circuito is a project by the Argentinean producer Pedro Canale. He is performing at the Picnic with a band, formed by Heidi Lewandowski on violin, vocals and wind, Federico Estévez on percussion, as well as Pedro himself on synthesisers, wind, percussion, vocals and other instruments.

His music is a reformulation of Latin American “world music” which processes rhythms from Brazil, Paraguayan harps, Andean mysticism, Argentinean Pampa folklore and cumbia. With the album Río Arriba (ZZK Records 2012), Chancha Vía Circuito introduced South American folklore to dance floors around the world. The seductive formula is a benchmark for many artists in the Latin American electronic scene today.


23:00 Concert: GNUČČI
Ana Rab is a Yugoslavian-born Swedish artist better known as Gnučči. A singer, song writer and performer, her sessions are focused on club or dance music. Her contemporary pop project is rich in textures and sound, embracing a wide range of music styles from electro pop to rave music, to produce bombastic bass-based electronic songs. Her performance is grounded in an energetic rhythm of ingenious beats coupled with her vibrant voice.


During the Picnic Session. Performance: IGNACIO DE ANTONIO
This is not an image but every image at once
explores the conditions and modes of production and destruction of the image –of any image, of all images, of all possible images– through an encounter that proposes a walkthrough of a collection of images that pose certain questions without hoping to answer them: What is the precise moment in which the image is activated? What is the agency of everything that is not seen? What is inside the image? How can images be eliminated? How many images are possible in this encounter? How can we meet in and through images? This is any collection of images, of all images at the same time. This is not an image.

Ignacio de Antonio Antón is an architect and scenic creator who studied in Madrid, Sao Paulo and New York. His practice is based on artistic research and he is currently preparing a doctorate as a FPI researcher in the Artea research group with the Performing Censorship project. His production takes various forms including performance, choreography, installations, ephemeral architecture and editorial projects. His artistic and academic interest is focused on performative practices understood as devices exploring modes of production and the relationships between them.

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