CA2M Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo


Dressing up, dragging oneself on the floor, watching and shooting a film, playing with sound, changing the museum to suit our taste are only a few of the things we can do together. We can also visit the exhibitions, but, above all, we can meet the artists in order to spend some time looking at the world with different eyes.

For this purpose, at the CA2M we invite family groups to take part in the proposals related to contemporary creation. We start with a question: What is a family for you? Who's part of your family? We believe that there are as many possible answers as people, and, therefore, any group is welcome to these activities: grandparents and grandchildren, flat-mates, nice neighbors, or distant cousins. This year, different creators (artists, musicians, and poets) will share their practices with the groups, in order to expand the notion of a workshop for children, bringing it closer to a transformative collective experience. Together with our Education Department, they have proposed an activation of imagination and listening in adults and children, in order to transform reality premised on the word, the voice, and the body.

At the museum, we design encounters where, through creation, the participants can discover the possibilities of working beyond the roles of authority and power; strange spaces in which there is nobody giving orders and nobody obeying them, and the usual rules of play are put upside-down. The workshops, concerts and film screenings aimed at families are not necessarily related to the exhibitions, but to the general lines of work of the Center. In the past few years, we have had workshops with Lilli Hartmann, Tamara Arroyo, Elena Alonso, María Jerez, Christian Fernández, Cris Blanco, Theo Firmo and María Salgado.